CNN - Acquisition, Playout and Storage Case Study

CNN talks about the challenges broadcasters face today and how Harmonic helps with acquisition, playout and storage solutions.

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Spectrum Family

As the established market leader in media server and storage technologies, Spectrum™ is the ideal platform for streamlining media production and broadcast operations and implementing file-based workflows. Possessing a modular architecture, Spectrum is used by producers and television professionals worldwide to support efficient tapeless television operations, while ensuring maximum reliability and flexibility - Learn More

Harmonic MediaGrid

Harmonic® MediaGrid is designed specifically for video workflows, providing the performance of a SAN with the simplicity of NAS. Proven in many of the world’s most demanding video environments, MediaGrid is a great fit for applications requiring shared, real-time storage, such as edit-in-place, collaborative editing, transcoding, video on demand and over-the-top (OTT) adaptive bitrate streaming - Learn More

Media Application Server

File-based workflows allow content creators to maximize production efficiencies and enable the delivery of more content to more devices in less time. To realize these objectives, an agile and accessible centralized media asset management (MAM) solution must sit at the heart of any media organization - Learn More


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