Powering the video economy to maximize ROI of your content

Consumers increasingly expect to watch high-quality video content anywhere and everywhere in a time-shifted, on-demand and personalized manner on a host of different devices and platforms. For content creators and service providers, this new multiscreen world presents both opportunities and challenges. Perhaps the greatest hurdle is to cost-effectively implement a video processing infrastructure that can support the required variety of acquisition, production and output file formats while maximizing the subscriber’s quality of experience.

At Harmonic, we help our customers make that happen. Our ProMedia™ family of integrated software and hardware appliances allows you to launch new revenue-generating services quickly and within budget. Broadcasters can also benefit from the multiscreen output of our popular ProStream® 1000 with ACE® real-time transcoder, which integrates seamlessly with ProMedia applications to deliver broadcast-quality HD streaming video services while lowering capital and operating expenses.

Harmonic multiscreen solutions offer the performance and video quality required for today’s multiformat video services, whether delivered via Apple® HTTP Live Streaming, Microsoft® Smooth Streaming, Adobe® HTTP Dynamic Streaming — or the new MPEG-DASH standard. Our products can be deployed individually or as a complete, end-to-end video processing solution. They also integrate with leading digital rights management (DRM) systems, media asset management systems, content distribution networks (CDNs) and connected devices— in addition to other Harmonic products.

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