Electra® X2S has all of the essential components of a video headend combined into a cost-effective 1-RU platform, featuring real-time encoding, network management, multiplexing and high-quality graphics and branding.


Electra X2S

Learn more about how this encoder combines the essential elements of a headend.


Target bitrates

Maximize the unique capabilities including support for distributed statmuxing and Flextream Convergence, with a target average bitrate set for each service within a statmux pool — especially useful for ATSC broadcasters with channel sharing agreements.

Advanced audio

With embedded audio, this appliance can natively encode AC-3, E-AC-3 and AAC/HE-AAC. With integrated Jünger Level Magic™ your audio will be in compliance with the U.S. CALM Act by automatically eliminating audio level changes both within a channel and when switching from one channel to another.


The user interface builds on NMX™ Digital Service Manager so that adding, reconfiguring or removing services or equipment is fast, easy and error-free. Service and system modification functions including templating, wizards, consolidated data views and powerful cut-and-paste are also available.

Untouchable function integration

Statistical multiplexing capabilities from ProStream® stream processors, and management functionality from NMX come standard. Easily add on-board video graphics and branding bring new levels of workflow efficiency, a capability that preserves video quality dramatically.

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