The new era of broadband connectivity

The new era of broadband connectivity
Maximize speeds and enhance subscriber quality of experience (QoE). Beacon Intelligent Speed Maximizer (ISM) is the new cOS™ application transforming connectivity.
Maximize speeds and subscriber QoE

This is Beacon ISM. Beacon increases spectrum efficiency to maximize upstream and downstream speeds for each subscriber. Dynamically mitigate network impairments automatically and proactively resolve service-impacting issues for fewer truck rolls and higher subscriber satisfaction.

Running on the cOS broadband platform, Beacon leverages edge compute data for greater scalability, security, network reliability, and responsiveness.

Enhance individual QoE
Deliver faster speeds and more reliable service to each subscriber despite network conditions and watch your net promoter score grow.
Turn service reliability into savings

Overcome PMA lag for faster responsiveness with integrated advanced AI and machine learning.

Scale fast, securely and effectively
Streamline profile management and simplify operations with software running on the field-proven cOS platform.
Deliver a new era of broadband QoE
Be one of the first to leverage Beacon ISM and maximize the value of your DOCSIS network.