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Live Sports Streaming

The Current State of OTT Sports Streaming

Thierry Fautier
OTT for sports is becoming increasingly attractive. More companies are getting into the OTT game and the revenues generated from ....
Run Media Processing Software on Private Data Centers

Run Media Processing Software on Private Data Centers: Key Deployment Questions

David Mouen
The video delivery industry is shifting to software and media processing in the cloud. Here are a few reasons to ....

5 Ways to Boost Your Revenues with Live OTT Sports Streaming

Alain Pellen
Viewers want more high-quality, nonstop content on every device, and if you can give it to them then you've won ....
8K adoption is starting now.

8K Is Making Progress Bit by Bit

Thierry Fautier
Almost every TV maker around the world has announced 8K TV production. But what are the potential hurdles to overcome ....
Fan engagement should start with your channel.

Boost Fan Engagement to Power Your Live Sports OTT Channel

Karine Richecoeur
The competition for viewers is growing. So, the question becomes: How to get viewers to keep watching? One part of ....
Watching OTT for live streaming sports

6 Reasons to Shift to OTT for Live Streaming Sports

Andy Warman
OTT revenues will more than double in 2024, making today a great time to shift to OTT for live streaming ....
Live OTT Events

How to Improve QoE for Broadcast Quality Live OTT Streaming – Part 2

Patrick Gendron
The industry has been working hard on improving video QoE for live OTT events. We have some ideas for how ....
IBC Trends

IBC Trends That Could Spark Massive OTT Expansion

Thierry Fautier
The numbers are in, and IBC2019 was a record-breaking year for attendance, so, what were some of the key video ....

Personalized Live Sports Experiences: The Shift for Pay-TV Operators

Thierry Fautier
Watching live sports experiences on a pay-TV STB is a drastically different experience than live sports OTT. Let's explore why ....

DASH and HLS: An Update on Low Latency OTT Delivery

Patrick Gendron
This blog will explore the latest improvements in delivering low latency for live OTT services and expected developments in the ....