Video SaaS

NASA Content Is Now Available in HDR Powered by Harmonic and Partners

Thierry Fautier
HDR is still in its relative infancy in our industry, in terms of real-world deployments. Yet, a group of trailblazers ....

3 Reasons SaaS Is Perfect for Your Temporary OTT Services

Eric Gallier
Media processing software as a service (SaaS) makes it much easier for video content and service providers to address the ....
Blackout screen during a match.

Cloud Is the Perfect Disaster Recovery Solution for Live Sports Events

Olivier Karra
Can you name a single live television show that has the same power of drawing people together like sports events? ....

3 Trends Guaranteed to Make a Big Impact on OTT in 2018

Eric Armstrong
In light of last week’s announcement of VOS™ SW Cluster, the next evolution of Harmonic’s VOS offerings for IPTV and ....

Virtual Reality: Time to Get Ready

Thierry Fautier
You’ve likely read a plethora of Virtual Reality announcements leading up to and at CES, including the latest news on ....

The Hot Trend in the MENA Region – OTT Video Delivery

Olivier Karra
In the Middle East and North Africa, OTT TV episodes and movies will generate revenues of $1.75 billion by 2022, ....

OTT Innovation Is Heating Up

Eric Armstrong
OTT is one of the biggest technology trends in the pay-TV environment right now. Global OTT revenues will more than ....

Preparing For The Mobile Video Tsunami

Thierry Fautier
Video traffic on mobile devices is climbing at an amazing rate. It’s been reported that 80 percent of mobile traffic ....

All IP or Hybrid SDI?

Andy Warman
Broadcasters have choices when it comes to delivering linear and OTT content from the baseband world. Change is rampant in ....

Cloud-Native Media Processing: A New Way of Thinking

Jeff Koehler
The days of fixed broadcast infrastructure based on hardware are declining, driven primarily to the increased time-to-market speeds and business ....