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The Mobile Video Tidal Wave Has Hit. The Impact on Cellular Networks.

Thierry Fautier
The growing use of smartphones, mobile broadband, and innovative apps will lead to video accounting for two-thirds of all internet ....

Live UHD Streaming of Sports Is Gaining Momentum

Thierry Fautier
In 2015, the NFL streamed an entire football game over the internet. As the first live sports event to be ....
Remote-Production-at-Scale_Harmonic Insight

Remote Production at Scale

Andy Warman
In my previous blog, I talked about the impact of all-IP workflows for production — encompassing everything from uncompressed and ....

Plotting the Migration to IP for Studio Production

Andy Warman
It is clear that one, if not the biggest, winner in the transition from SDI to IP will be production ....

The Impact of Apple’s HEVC Adoption

Thierry Fautier
Early 2018 is a particularly dynamic time for codec development and deployment, and many streaming publishers are wondering whether to ....

Virtual Reality: Time to Get Ready

Thierry Fautier
You’ve likely read a plethora of Virtual Reality announcements leading up to and at CES, including the latest news on ....

The Future of HEVC Is Getting Clearer

Thierry Fautier
HEVC, an MPEG video compression standard published in 2013, has not seen much traction outside of Ultra HD deployments. The ....

Apple Backs AV1: What Does This Mean for the Future of Video Codecs

Thierry Fautier
Earlier this month, Apple joined the Alliance for Open Media (AOM), which is working on the next-generation AV1 video compression ....

The Hot Trend in the MENA Region – OTT Video Delivery

Olivier Karra
In the Middle East and North Africa, OTT TV episodes and movies will generate revenues of $1.75 billion by 2022, ....

V-Blog: IP-Based Workflow – AMWA IS-04 Specification (Part 3)

Part 3 of our V-Blog series on IP examines how the AMWA IS-04 specification enables different systems from different manufacturers ....