IBC2017 Highlights

A look back on our announcements, demos & more.

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In its 50th anniversary, IBC2017 had record attendance of 57,669 visitors across the six-day event. In our booth, we presented our vision for monetizing broadcast and OTT services and engaging viewers like never before. Here are some of the highlights.

End-to-End OTT Delivery

At IBC2017, Harmonic showcased it’s award-winning EyeQTM content-aware video compression solution, demonstrating analytics from a Tier 1 direct broadcast satellite television provider to improve quality of experience (QoE). Leveraging the latest innovations in video compression and cloud technology, Harmonic also showcased OTT solutions that allow operators to deliver a better QoE than what exists today, with the ultimate goal of delivering broadcast video quality, with lower latency, which is essential for live events.


Robust Cloud Orchestration

Harmonic has made transitioning to the cloud for OTT even more attractive by adding expanded media processing and delivery workflow capabilities for its VOS™ media processing platform to simplify OTT delivery. At IBC2017, Harmonic announced and showcased new workflow orchestration and delivery functionalities for VOS Cloud media processing software and VOS 360 managed services, including streamlined content capture, UHD support, personalized ad insertion, and multi-cloud support.

Innovations for OTT and Mobile

Harmonic shaped the mobile delivery landscape at IBC2017 with its EyeQ content-aware video compression solution, which enables operators to deliver a better QoE to end-users over constrained 3G, 4G and 5G mobile networks. We demonstrated a live end-to-end low latency workflow for distribution over CDNs utilizing the next-generation CMAF standard, highlighting how operators can reduce the delay for OTT viewers to a level that is similar to traditional broadcast. Harmonic also presented a 360-degree VR viewing experience featuring stunning native UHD VR images on mobile-based, head-mounted displays.

UHD with HDR

Harmonic showcased an end-to-end UHD-HDR workflow solution that supports channel origination, live streaming and on-demand applications.

IP Showcase

The IP Showcase returned to this year’s IBC with Harmonic being a main contributor to what many consider is the largest interoperability demonstration ever to have taken place.

52 vendors worked together to demonstrate real-world IP interoperability based on SMPTE ST 2110 final draft standards and AMWA NMOS specifications.  Harmonic’s Spectrum X was a star performer among the other playout server vendors. It was used as part of the Contribution and Playout workflow demonstration, showing our support for playout of SMPTE ST 2110 with SMPTE 2059 (PTP) timing.

IP Showcase IBC2017

Thought Leadership in Action

On the conference program front, Thierry Fautier, VP, Business Development and Innovation at Harmonic, participated in a UHD session: UHD – Where We Are and Where We Are Going.

David Whitehead, Global Key Account Director, EMEA at Harmonic, presented at the SCTE Benelux event at IBC,: The Benefits of Migration to a Software-Based Cable Access Architecture.


In the News – Press Highlights

Our announcements and demos at IBC2017 were covered by the international press. Here are a few of the articles published during IBC:

For a streaming offering to be truly successful today, especially for live sports, it has to be delivered with exceptional video quality on every screen. We chose Harmonic’s solution because of the pristine video quality it provides, as well as its flexibility.

Roy Liemer, co-founder and CEO of Vista Worldlink


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