Free and Open Source Licensing Notices for Harmonic Products

Licensing information relating to open-source software (“OSS”) included with Harmonic products. The terms of the applicable OSS license(s) govern Harmonic’s distribution and your use of the OSS in Harmonic products. To the extent a Harmonic product is provided to you under an agreement that differs from the applicable OSS license(s), those terms are offered by Harmonic alone.

Harmonic has reproduced copyright and other licensing notices appearing with or within the OSS packages, for each product listed on this page. While Harmonic seeks to provide complete and accurate copyright and licensing information for each OSS package, Harmonic does not represent or warrant that the following information is complete, correct, or error-free. Product recipients are encouraged to (a) investigate the identified OSS packages to confirm the accuracy of the licensing information provided herein and (b) notify Harmonic of any inaccuracies or errors found in this document so that Harmonic may update this document accordingly.

Certain OSS licenses (such as the GNU General Public Licenses, GNU Library/Lesser General Public Licenses, Affero General Public Licenses, Mozilla Public Licenses, Common Development and Distribution Licenses, Common Public License, and Eclipse Public License) require that the source code corresponding to distributed OSS binaries be made available to recipients or other requestors under the terms of the same OSS license. Recipients or requestors who would like to receive a copy of such corresponding source code should submit a request in writing to Harmonic by post at:

Harmonic Inc.
Attn: Legal Department, Open Source Requests
4300 North First Street
San Jose, CA 95134, U.S.A.

Please provide the following information in all submitted OSS requests:

  • The OSS packages for which you are requesting source code;
  • The Harmonic product (and any available version information) with which the requested OSS packages are distributed;
  • An email address at which Harmonic may contact you regarding the request (if available); and
  • The postal address for delivery of the requested source code

For third party products and components, please click on the link on the same row as the Harmonic product.



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