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Electra XOS

The high-performance live video processor designed for broadcast and OTT delivery

Harmonic’s Electra® XOS live video processor is powered by the Harmonic PURE Compression Engine™, a software-based solution that is continually updated with the latest technology innovations. This enables broadcasters and cable operators to pack more SD, HD and UHD channels into a limited amount of bandwidth. Artificial intelligence, deep tuning for Intel® processors and strong expertise in video algorithms enable the live video processor to deliver exceptional video quality in applications where bandwidth is limited.

Electra XOS includes a vanguard feature set, including UHD with statistical multiplexing, HDR processing, uncompressed IP inputs, and integrated packaging, simplifying live video workflows. It can be deployed as a software application on standard IP infrastructure or on a standard server with optional SDI interfaces.

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  • Harmonic Pure Compression Engine and EyeQ™ content-aware encoding provide market-leading video quality at low bit rates
  • Pristine UHD support, including HDR processing
  • Best-in-class OTT packager supporting fragmented HLS, low latency and CMAF
  • Extensive redundancy schemes
  • Harmonic Hub to enable a smooth transition to the cloud
  • Ready for full IP workflows with uncompressed video over IP


Electra XOS

Learn more about the live video processor for broadcast and OTT delivery.

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Video Compression Excellence

Powered by our PURE Compression Engine, Electra XOS delivers excellent picture quality at any bit rate and optimizes CPU power consumption. Relying on AI-based algorithms, Electra XOS reduces bit rates, even for existing MPEG-2 applications.

Flawless UHD

Electra XOS allows you to support multiple UHD 10-bit transcoding in a single 1-RU server in addition to SD and HD encoding for multi-profile encoding. Additionally, Electra XOS performs statistical multiplexing for optimal bandwidth usage on cable, terrestrial and satellite networks. With Electra XOS, you can simplify conversions between SDR and the different HDR formats and color spaces, including HDR-10, HLG, BT.709, BT.2020. Feeding legacy networks requiring SDR from an HDR source is easy, as is maintaining a constant output SDR/HDR format from sources with various dynamic ranges.

Innovative OTT

On Electra XOS you can elect to use EyeQ technology, which reduces your OTT delivery costs and improves viewer experiences. Our EyeQ content-aware encoding is fully compatible with standard protocols and players. Electra XOS simplifies OTT architectures with its built-in OTT push packager supporting DASH and fragmented HLS to reach standard broadcast latencies in OTT applications using CMAF.

Prep for the Cloud Transition

Connect your Electra XOS video processor to the Harmonic Hub for instant access to our experts, faster software upgrades, direct connection to Harmonic DevOps, and immediate extension of your platform for new services or disaster recovery.