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Providing a simple, flexible path to full CCAP and all-IP

NSG Pro Cable Access Platform

Part of Harmonic’s innovative CableOS™ software-based CCAP solution, the NSG Pro cable access platform is a versatile system for delivering high-speed data and linear and on-demand video in a variety of converged architectures. The platform offers exceptional flexibility and efficiency, and can be used as a high-density PHY shelf in a centralized CCAP deployment or as a high-capacity IP video core in a Remote PHY deployment. With a field-proven, high-availability design and the ability to support a selection of powerful line cards, NSG Pro meets and exceeds the extensive hardware specifications outlined for CCAP.

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  • Versatile CCAP-compliant platform
  • Part of the Harmonic CableOS solution as an ultra-dense PHY shelf or video core
  • Deployable in multiple converged architectures
  • Advanced function integration, combining high-speed data, linear video and VOD applications on a single platform
  • Reduced TCO via reduced power consumption and space requirements
  • High availability design with built-in N+1 line card and 1+1 controller redundancy

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CableOS lets you save up to 75% on space and power costs in a centralized deployment, and up to 90% in a distributed deployment.

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NSG Pro Features

PHY Shelf

When populated with ultra-dense 80G-12 RF line cards, NSG Pro functions as a PHY shelf in centralized CableOS deployments. The 80G-12 card features full-spectrum DOCSIS 3.1 support, 12 downstream ports and 12 upstream ports, and a single NSG Pro chassis can accommodate up to 12 cards.


Video Core

When populated with 20G-IP line cards, NSG Pro functions as the video core in distributed CableOS deployments that also feature the CableOS Pebble-1 Remote PHY device. The 20G-IP card performs video remultiplexing and encryption for all linear and on-demand video streams in the CCAP, and then forwards them over IP to be modulated by Pebble-1 (or other R-PHY compliant RPD).



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