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Spectrum MediaCenter

Media server flexibility and reliability at exceptional value


Spectrum MediaCenter™ combines media server and storage functions in a compact 2-RU enclosure. Ideal for moderate (up to 20) channel-count applications, the system provides file system and communication management for ingest and playout activities at a compelling price point.

MediaCenter supports Spectrum X advanced media server systems, Spectrum MediaPort 7000 I/O modules, and Spectrum ChannelPort systems. A range of MediaCenter models are available, along with a choice of on-board storage configurations. New channels can be added at any time without the need for additional hardware. This modular approach allows operators to easily meet their needs of today while allowing for future expansion.

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  • Compact media server solution for up to 20 channels
  • Choice of storage: 16-, 32- or 48 TB usable HDD; expansion storage chassis available for MediaCenter 2200B with 96 TB usable
  • Easily add new features to support new services, ensuring complete investment protection
  • Implement best-of-breed solutions for transmission, studio production, news and sports highlights and distributed broadcast workflows
  • Choose from hundreds of applications, enabled by the broadest application support built around open standards and APIs


Introduction to the Harmonic iMCR

Learn more about the evolution of the master control room.

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Spectrum MediaCenter Features

Spectrum Modular Architecture

The MediaCenter media server system has a modular architecture that allows for maximum configuration flexibility and adaptability to future needs. Every system can be precisely tailored to each customer’s unique requirements, and new channels can be added at any time. Software license upgrades are available to increase channel capabilities without requiring new hardware.

Flexibility to Fit Any Workflow

The flexible MediaCenter server is ideal for operations requiring between four and 20 channels, including advanced file-based workflows for ingest, transmission, live studio production and news production. Utilizing Spectrum X, MediaPort or ChannelPort modules for I/O, MediaCenter provides broad support for a wide range of production and playout formats and file wrappers.

Media Processing Performance

MediaCenter is designed to streamline workflows by providing the broadest support of video formats and file wrappers, including QuickTime and MXF. MediaCenter also provides a wide range of powerful media processing functions needed across many different types of facilities.

Storage Options

MediaCenter is available in a range of on-board storage configurations:  16-, 32- or 48 TB usable HDD.  External expansion storage of 96 TB usable is also available for MediaCenter model 2200B. All internal storage is protected with Spectrum’s robust RAID 6 (dual parity) technology.