MVPDs need to address the needs of various subscriber segments — from millennial cost-cutters to premium subscribers and more — in order to remain relevant and competitive. Use our video SaaS offering to price, package and segment next-gen IP and OTT skinny bundle TV services quickly and without risk or huge costs.

A fully-integrated SaaS solution

A fully-integrated SaaS solution

Pristine video quality at all times

Pristine video quality at all times

Proven at scale

Proven at scale

Rely on a fully integrated and hosted service

Easily package and deliver new off-the-shelf OTT subscription service to a full spectrum of devices — including set-top boxes, media players (such as Roku®, Apple TV® and Amazon Fire), smart TVs and mobile screens.

Combined with an extensive ecosystem of integrated user experience software solutions, our video SaaS unifies the entire media processing chain, from playout to media processing and delivery. This significantly lowers the entry barriers associated with launching skinny bundle TV services.

Deploy high-quality live and on-demand OTT services

Video quality, fast time to market and affordability all matter when it comes to packaging your skinny bundles.

VOS®360 video SaaS lets you design and deploy your OTT services with our state-of-the-art, intent-driven UI and APIs. Quickly define your sources, upload your VOD catalog, define regional or global distribution policies and start engaging your audience.

Even better, your OTT services will benefit from the most powerful compression technologies on the market to free up your bandwidth and ensure the highest video quality.


Monetize your skinny bundle with dynamic ad insertion

Make advertisements more relevant to your viewers. Insert well-targeted ads dynamically, measure engagement and monetize your skinny bundles from day one. Not only does this create more value for advertisers, it also improves the end-user experience.

VOS media processing platform integrates seamlessly with customer management systems, client applications, DRMs and other technology partners to support blackout and dynamic ad insertion for increased monetization.

Customer Success

Vidgo launches new OTT services with video SaaS

A new winning combo: skinny bundles and SaaS powered by VOS360.

Pay as you go

Our usage-based pricing model makes it a perfect fit for your new TV channels. You only pay for what you use.

There are no hidden charges or surprises.

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