NMX Essentials 7.6 eLearning



Course Description:

This eLearning tutorial introduces NMX system architecture and focuses on catalog management in Domain Manager, map building in NMX Designer, and alarm management in NMX Operator.

Note: This is a web based training course. Learners will be guided through a series of lecture based slides followed by system demonstrations designed to reinforce the course content. This course does not provide hands on learning with NMX or any of Harmonic’s hardware. Please see our instructor led training offerings for in person, hands on training.

Course Objectives:

At completion of this course, students will be able to navigate Domain Manager to create or make active existing catalogs, start and stop the sever, and configure properties, navigate NMX Designer to create and edit maps, navigate NMX Operator to view and manage alarms, and to navigate NMX Daemons to monitor BOOTP and TFTP network activity.

Course Prerequisites:

While no prior knowledge of Harmonic equipment is required for this class, a basic knowledge of networking, including Ethernet, switching, and TCP/IP is recommended. Also, an understanding of MPEG-2 and video processing systems would be helpful. Harmonic strongly recommends you complete a basic networking course prior to attending this class.

Course Duration:

2 Hours


Harmonic University

Lesson 1 – Compression System Overview

  • NMX for Broadcast Overview
  • Source Inputs
  • Digital Compression System
  • Output Delivery
  • Knowledge Check

Lesson 2 – NMX Digital Service Manager

  • NMX Architecture Overview
  • NMX Server Components
  • About NMX Client and Client Applications
  • The three methods in accessing the NMX Server

Lesson 3 – NMX Applications

  • Domain Manager
  • NMX Designer
  • NMX Operator
  • Consolidated Alarms
  • Service Plan Editor
  • NMX Daemons
  • NMX Roles

Lesson 4 – Select and Make Active an NMX Database Catalog

  • Catalog Management
  • Database Catalog Access
  • Stopping the Server
  • Load Catalog and Make Active
  • Confirm Server IP Address
  • Starting the Server

Lesson 5 – View and Verify Network Settings and Activity

  • View Settings in NMX Designer
  • View Alarms in NMX Operator
  • View BOOT and TFTP Network Activity
  • View MAP Activation Activity in NMX Operator

Lesson 6 – Creating a New Database Catalog

  • Stopping the Server
  • Access Catalog Management
  • Create a New Catalog and Make Active
  • Configure the New Catalog
  • Starting the Server

Lesson 7 – Map Building – Part One

  • The Four Steps of Map Building
  • Accessing NMX Designer
  • Create a New Network Group
  • Add Devices to the Map
  • Align the Map
  • Confirm the installed Adapter Modules within NMX
  • Make Map Connections
  • Configure IP Ports
  • Add a PSI Device to the Map
  • Confirm Connections

Lesson 8 – Map Building – Part Two

  • Create New Service Plan
  • Transports
  • Service Objects
  • Configure Inputs
  • Configure Multicast IP
  • Add Transport Output
  • Complete Service Configuration
  • Connect Services
  • Activate Service Plan
  • Confirm Service Flow


Group Size Location  Price  Part Number
Individual Harmonic University $149 OTC-NMX-ESS

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