Cable Edge Services

The Harmonic team of professionals includes technical support and field engineers with decades of collective experience in the cable industry. We provide a complete family of support solutions, all designed to help you bring new capabilities online quickly and securely.

Delivering Peace of Mind on Your Next Edge Network Upgrade

Harmonic’s Cable Edge Services team is dedicated to helping you deploy Harmonic NSG™ edgeQAM and CCAP solutions quickly and cost-effectively. Whether providing technical and operational leadership, supplemental manpower or field support, our goal is the same: make it easy for you to expand your network capacity so that you can grow your business. We’ll even take on your project at a fixed price and on a set schedule. No more worries about open-ended billing. No excuses about missed deadlines.

System Installation

  • Assemble NSG 9000 edgeQAMs, NSG Pro CCAP and NSG Exo distributed CCAP systems on-site
  • Perform racking and wiring of new chassis (in-rack power, coax/fiber and CAT5)
  • Connect RF output to service group combiner
  • Power up new NSGs and assign management IP addresses


  • Update and maintain node combining plan
  • Perform NSG software upgrades
  • Transfer NSG licenses
  • Configure NSGs per customer requirements

Service Group Testing

  • Verify NSG configurations (with scripts, if required) for M-CMTS and VOD services
  • Perform full system testing on controlled RF network
  • Run diagnostics on all QAMs for each service group
  • Monitor system stability

Cutover Support

  • Collaborate on logistics with MSO technicians and NOC staff, both on-site and remotely
  • Establish baseline for tune errors prior to cutover
  • Swap cables from legacy edgeQAMs to new NSGs
  • Monitor tune errors and adjust as needed

Recovery of Legacy EdgeQAMs

  • Ship necessary boxes and return materials to hub site
  • Manage all new and legacy QAM licensing
  • Pack legacy licenses into boxes
  • Palletize NSGs for shipment from hub site


  • Operations
  • Troubleshooting

For more information about Harmonic Cable Edge Services, talk to your local Harmonic sales representative or contact Harmonic Professional Services:

Phone: +1-408-542-2720

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