Delivering a High-Quality Experience

Adoption of the DVB-T2 standard is growing, providing terrestrial broadcasters with the flexibility and efficiency needed to support next-generation capabilities including Ultra HD, OTT and HEVC. Harmonic helps DTT operators migrate to the advanced standard with superior video quality and bandwidth efficiency regardless of the format and application.

A Comprehensive Broadcast Distribution Solution

Possessing the widest DVB-T/T2 experience in the market, with headends installed in more than 65 countries, Harmonic is the ideal company to help you overcome today’s complex business challenges while delivering low total cost of ownership.

DVB-T/T2 Features

Multiplex Generation – Bandwidth Optimization

The Harmonic headend maximizes the number of TV channels per multiplex with superior video and audio quality, in order to reduce the broadcasting cost per channel. This is achieved with Harmonic PURE compression engine™. The solution supports SD, HD and UHD formats and MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC and HEVC codecs. The headend can be centralized or deployed in a distributed architecture with encoders located throughout a region and powered by Flextream™ remote statistical multiplexing technology.


Regionalization is a key differentiator for the DTT platform, allowing broadcasters to deliver local news and programs either 24/7 or on a timeshare basis, and to increase their revenue by offering advertising slots in particular markets.


The DTT platform further enables revenue optimization through the delivery of pay-TV services. In this value chain the Harmonic solution offers content protection and access rights distribution to subscribers.

Broadband & Interactive Services

HbbTV is the broadcasters’ answer to OTT competition. Live TV streaming, enhanced EPG, start-over TV, catch-up TV, VOD, Push VOD and nPVR can all be offered via HbbTV v2.0, a capability addressed by the Harmonic DVB-T/T2 solution. The convergent CBR/VBR/ABR headend also allows to deliver regular OTT services.

Complete Country Coverage

The Harmonic DVB-T/T2 solution simplifies the ability to satisfy this requirement by enabling satellite service to viewers in white spaces, provided that a single satellite feed supports both DVB-T/ T2 multiplex distribution and DTH satellite reception.

Headend Reception & Distribution to Towers

The ProView™ range of integrated receiver-decoders address the vast spectrum of content reception applications and powers the launch of value-added services.



Harmonic digital video headend solutions provide the bandwidth efficiency, video quality, and reliability required to meet our needs for this extensive DVB-T2 network rollout

Gerdus Van Eeden, chief technology officer, MultiChoice

Harmonic offers a complete DTT solution for DVB-T/T2 broadcasters

Harmonic DVB T2 workflow


Harmonic DVB-T/T2 Solution Brief


Harmonic offers a complete range of equipment to help you migrate to DVB-T2.

Solution Brief