Explore our on-premises and cloud-native video products that will help you optimize production, distribution and delivery networks. Each product was designed to maximize efficiencies, operate with less expenses and to deliver a stunning viewer experience on any device.


Encoding & Transcoding

We deliver market-leading video compression for all standards, from MPEG-2 to H.264 and HEVC across the entire range of our encoding and transcoding products. We integrate cutting-edge applications in our product portfolio like industry-first SMPTE 2022-6 uncompressed video over IP and UHD high dynamic range (HDR) support.

Electra X advanced media processor
Electra XOS live video processor
Electra XT Xtream high-density transcoder
Electra X2S converged media processor

Stream Processing

We provide industry-leading stream processing solutions that perform a variety of mission-critical tasks, ranging from content aggregation and grooming to signal processing.

ProStream X video stream processor & gateway
Packager XOS OTT live push packager
ProSwitch IP & ASI redundancy switch

Media Servers

Our highly reliable and flexible media servers and automation solutions provide you with open platforms optimized for the production, transformation, and distribution of digital media.

Spectrum X advanced media server system
Spectrum XE compressed playout system
Polaris Play channel-in-a-box automation system
Polaris Live manual device control application

Media Storage

Our media storage solution utilizes an optimized file system ideal for applications requiring real-time bandwidth and high availability. These media storage solutions are provided either as direct-attached storage (DAS) or network-attached storage (NAS)

MediaGrid shared storage


Our contribution encoders let you capture pristine video at the front end of the broadcast chain and deliver it over satellite or unmanaged IP networks with ultra-low latency.

ViBE CP9000 HD/UHD contribution encoder
ViBE CP6000 multichannel contribution platform
ViBE CP3000 contribution encoder
RD9000 Multiformat professional decoder
ProView 7100 receiver-decoder, transcoder and stream processor


We offer a complete video distribution management system as well as an integrated receiver-decoder solution for descrambling, receiving and SD/HD/UHD decoding applications.

ProView 8100 integrated receiver-decoder
DMS video distribution management system

Network Management

Network management solutions enable and secure the provisioning and monitoring of the service delivery chain. By providing you with consolidated monitoring data and relevant controls, they ensure uninterrupted operations as well as efficient configuration tools to seamlessly launch and administrate services over time.

NMX digital service manager


DASH CMAF Enabling Low Latency Streaming

High-quality multiscreen-viewing, with low latency comparable to broadcast are becoming the norms in terms of customer expectations. Rise to the challenge, with low latency video streaming.
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IP Evolution for Media Workflows

Compressed and uncompressed video transported via IP is now an essential element of broadcast infrastructure.

Strategies for Video-Over-Cellular

The growth of video-over-cellular presents unique and growing challenges.
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Enhance Video Quality with EyeQ

Harmonic EyeQ is a new way to determine the target video rates for the different video profiles in an ABR deployment.
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