Packager™ XOS is a powerful packaging product features real-time live OTT packaging to deploy high-quality live SD, HD and Ultra HD services for all popular mobile and web devices.


Strategies for video-over-cellular

Learn more about how the growth of video-over-cellular presents unique and growing challenges.



Supports all major streaming protocol standards in use today and offers the flexibility to package to different formats from a single H.264 or H.265 multi-bitrate source.

Ecosystem integration

Harmonic multiscreen solutions integrate with numerous DRM vendors and media asset management systems. An open Key Management System API simplifies DRM integration and deployment time is shortened through integration with leading content distribution networks.

Future-proof formats

Packager XOS supports legacy HLS-sTS, MSS and HSS, as well as new HLS-fMP4, CMAF and DASH packaging format. This allows you to smoothly transition to up-to-date OTT packaging technologies while keeping compatibility for legacy devices.

Delivery optimization

Optimizing the delivery of your content with Packager XOS is easy. Simply package the media components once and generate multiple playlists and manifests to target specific devices. By using CMAF fMP4, segment packaging format to quickly unify the delivery of media data for HLS and DASH.

Scalability & performance

In addition to supporting a broad variety of formats, multiple Packager XOS systems can be combined for high channel deployments to support hundreds of simultaneous streams.

Centralized management

NMX™ can centrally manage, provision and control various elements in a broadcast or OTT workflow, including Packager XOS, enhancing scalability while simplifying deployment and management of multiscreen services.


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