Provides best-in-class, high-performance stream processing including multiplexing, scrambling, splicing and blackout switching for mission-critical broadcast, cable, satellite, IPTV and OTT delivery applications.


End-to-end UHD HDR video delivery

Encode, scramble and package for broadcast and OTT delivery.


High-throughput video processing

The high-throughput 10-GbE option supports up to 1,000 transport streams and 2,000 simultaneous multiplexing and scrambling services. The dual 10-GbE interfaces also reduce the number of required router ports and enable a simplified IP addressing scheme.

Reliability & simplified serviceability

Maintenance is simplified with hot-swappable fan assemblies and dual redundant power supplies. Changing of processors and I/O modules is quick and easy. These thoughtful serviceability features improve system reliability and reduce the chance for downtime, increasing the opportunity to generate revenue.

Scalable devices

As processing needs evolve, the ProStream X platform makes it easy to incrementally add or upgrade I/O modules and firmware licenses, simplifying scalability and extending the system’s value.

Stability & high performance

This device can scramble any format of video, audio downtime and data elementary stream as well as multiplex MPEG TS. It easily integrates into existing architectures and reduces cost and complexity by eliminating the need for multiple devices in distributed cable, satellite or telecom networks.

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