RD9000 is a compact and reliable real-time professional decoder designed to ensure high performance and pristine UHD delivery to provide you with an immersive, high-resolution experience.


Guidelines for HEVC deployment

Learn how to deploy HEVC the correct way.


Future-proof solution

The decoder supports 4:2:2 and offers significant HEVC bitrate savings, giving broadcasters a true edge over the competition. With HDR and WCG via a flexible, software-based design, the RD9000 is future-proof.

Single-slice UHD HEVC technology

Single-slice UHD HEVC technology is a cornerstone of the RD9000, eliminating border compression artifacts and maximizing compression efficiency. This technology is essential for achieving superior video quality in premium contribution applications.

Universal decoder

From MPEG-2 SD to HEVC UHD, all codecs and formats are enabled by default. The RD9000 is also ready for HDR along with WCG to ensure drastic contrast and color rendering for a “wow” video experience.

Enhanced flexibility

As a software-based decoder, RD9000 offers maximum flexibility, featuring any-format and any-codec, it is the reference decoder for any contribution and primary distribution use case.


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