Control all of your connected services

You get access to Harmonic HUB, an online administration consol to control, monitor and upgrade your VOS system. 
Business intelligence

Harmonic HUB is a business intelligent (BI) solution for VOS through an online management platform that provides a connected experience, available 24/7. Control your expenses with complete access to monitor your usage and expenses with your dashboard, pricing and invoices.

With Harmonic HUB you can always access everything you need to produce, deliver and manage to exceptional experiences for your subscribers.

24/7 system status

The highly secure, one-stop-shop for all account management tasks. You can create new users IDs, view transcoding profiles, access data reports, check daily backups, registering new systems, obtain help and download software.

The 24/7 online connection provides you with all the relevant information and status reports about your running VOS systems. Quickly get access to your active configurations, daily backups and latest software releases. You will improve your operational efficiency with your reporting systems in one place on our easy-to-use user interface.

Advance support with Slack

When it comes to service continuity, our teams have all the relevant information at their fingertips, so you get a faster time to resolution. You'll have real-time access to our service and support teams every day, 24/7.

You can easily track open case progress, ask for help, consult how-to guides and request additional a-la-carte services. Continuous data feedback to Harmonic ensures that you are always backed-up and that records are always up to date.

Connected learning & knowledge base

Learn, train, and level up your professional expertise. Get access to online and instructor-led courses for the Harmonic HUB and VOS Cloud-Native Software. 



Best-of-breed solutions though our open ecosystem

We enable best-of-breed solutions through our open architecture, support for industry standards and accessibility to APIs.
You have endless possibilities to synchronize our API to your needs. Our extensive VOS API documentation allows you to: control your channels, configure asset acquisition for VOD, protect your live and VOD content, add time-shift or catch-up TV to your services, manage your origin server, and set up system maintenance schedules and notifications.


Strategic relationships for seamless integration

VOS has a wide-range of certified third-party partners to ensure seamless integration in your video infrastructure workflow.
The platform includes pre-integrated ecosystem partners such as Content Management Systems (CMS), Data Rights Management (DRM), ad decision servers, client applications, public CDNs, MAM systems, and traffic and control systems. We are cloud agnostic, so you have the flexibility to choose the cloud platform that aligns with your business and IT preferences.


Complete security for peace of mind

VOS was designed, coded and tested with security as an integral part of our development strategy. 



Secured Access

Ensure that only the right people and approved devices can access any VOS application with features like single sign-on and multi-factor authentication requirements.

Data Protection

All connections to VOS are through HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure). The protocol keeps communications secure so that malicious parties can't observe what data is being sent.

Security Intelligence

VOS security is not static, just like VOS code is not static. Security logs are continuously analyzed by the Harmonic security team which can generate short term security software patches, should that be necessary. Those security software patches are deployed to ensure VOS is always best protected.

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