Flexible & scalable playout server system

You can do it all and more with Spectrum™ X. Combine your file, baseband and transport stream ingest with integrated channel playout capabilities. You’ll have graphics, branding, DVE and live switching of baseband and compressed IP sources all in one server. Store and deliver your channels based on your business needs with Spectrum X.

The server systems come in several sizes to accommodate small to large channel counts and can adapt to storage capacity needs.

Integrated channel playout in all systems

Integrated channel playout functionality is present in all Spectrum X products. Signal chains that used to require multiple pieces of equipment can be collapsed into a single Spectrum X server.

Reach new levels of efficiency

Integrated functions are onboard graphics, master control switching, playout automation, subtitle insertion, audio mixing, delay service, audio watermarking and much more. 

Transition to IP workflows

By integrating SDI and IP I/O on the same chassis, Spectrum X also eases the migration to IP playout workflows, allowing broadcasters to transition away from baseband at their own pace.

Production & playout with Spectrum

The software-based server supports a broad range of SD and HD formats up to 1080p (3G) and ultra HD. You’ll get a flexible system that allows you to easily expand storage, add new codecs, CiaB functionality IP I/O and other advanced features. Move at your own pace when migrating to IP playout workflows by integrating SDI and IP I/O on the same chassis with Spectrum X.

Video I/O

SDI, NDI and SMPTE IP I/O protocol support. Choose one or more I/O protocols for a hybrid workflow

Open standards

Standards compliant and interoperable with most third party products, services and applications

On-board features

Built-in graphics, audio shuffle and mixing, subtitle insertion and more integrated features

Integrated workflows

Live inputs, simulcast outputs, on-board switching, built-in automation and manual control

Scalable systems

Expandable storage capacity, channel count and IP bandwidth that scales to any system requirement

Extensive codecs & formats

Supports a comprehensive selection of video codecs, wrapper types, bitrates and resolutions

A Spectrum system for every workflow

Scale your channel count, storage capacity and bandwidth using the Harmonic Spectrum family. Tailor your production and playout workflow to your business needs.

Small System

Up to 4 channels Up to 4 channels

Mid-Sized System

Up to 4 channels Up to 20 channels

Large System

Up to 4 channels Up to 128 channels

Full System

Up to 4 channels Unlimited, grannular scalability

A Spectrum system for every workflow

Scale your channel count, storage capacity and bandwidth using the Harmonic Spectrum family. Tailor your production and playout workflow to your business needs.

Virtualized Spectrum X (VSX)

CiaB server
1-4 channels
CiaB server
1-4 channels

+ VSX I/O Ports

CiaB server
1-4 channels
Mid-sized system
Up to 20 channels

+ VSX I/O Ports
+ MediaStore

CiaB server
1-4 channels
Large scaled system
Up to 128 channels


CiaB server
1-4 channels
Ingest to, play from MediaGrid
Unlimited, granular scalability

Technical specifications

Virtualized Spectrum X

Based on the HPe DL380 2-RU server Media I/O module for ingest and playout of up to four channels of SD, HD or 3G HD video, or one UHD channel. Multiple I/O protocols supported including SDI, ST 2110, ST 2022-6, 3G and 12G SDI and NDI. Secure Linux operating system.

Standalone or shared storage mode Can be configured with internal storage drives for standalone operation or used in combination with MediaCenter or MediaDirector shared storage systems. Internal storage usable capacity is up to 36 TB for HDDs and 11.4 TB for SSDs.

Multiple codec support Ingest and play multiple codec formats including MPEG2, XDCAM, AVC, ProRes, VC3, XAVC and AVC-Ultra.  Multiple wrapper types, bitrates, frame rates and resolutions supported.  Back-to-back playout and automatic up/down conversion for mixed material on the same timeline.

Integrated features Onboard switchers for Live inputs, built-in graphics, DVEs, audio shuffle, gain control and mixing, subtitle insertion, EAS, loudness control, Dolby E audio encode and decode, audio watermarking, delay service, loop record, onboard automation and more.

Spectrum MediaCenter

Based on the HPe DL380 2-RU server Ideal for medium channel-count systems. Integrates channel control and shared storage for up to 20 video channels. Connect Spectrum X media I/O modules over redundant point-to-point Ethernet connections. Includes dual 10G optical or copper Ethernet ports for file transfers and quad 1G Ethernet ports for configuration and automation control. Secure Linux operating system.

Shared storage 12 HDD or SSD drives for shared media storage. Options include 16, 32 or 48 TB usable HDD storage, or 15.2 TB usable SSD storage.

Expansion storage Optional external HDD expansion chassis provides up to 96 TB usable storage. Add expansion storage to increase bandwidth and capacity. Ideal for UHD workflows.

Spectrum MediaDirector

Based on the HPe DL380 2-RU server Ideal for large channel-count systems. Manages the flow of data to and from Spectrum X media I/O modules and MediaStore storage arrays. Integrates the file system, management, communication and connectivity for the Spectrum system. Secure Linux operating system.

Scalable architecture Up to 32 video channels can be connected to a single MediaDirector server. Up to four MediaDirectors can be linked together to scale channels or IP bandwidth. Up to 6 MediaStore storage arrays can be connected to the Spectrum MediaDirector system.

Reliable design Dual redundant power supplies, Ethernet ports, and 12-Gbps SAS interfaces provide multiple data paths to system storage. RAID-protected storage.

Spectrum MediaStore

High performance storage array Shared storage for large Spectrum systems comprised of MediaDirector control servers and Spectrum X video I/O modules. Twenty-four serial-attached SCSI (SAS) disk drives are integrated into the 2-RU MediaStore 5100 chassis. Disk subsystem management is provided in software by the MediaDirector, including all file system and RAID information.

Capacity and bandwidth Choose between 1.2 TB or 2.4 TB HDDs. Up to six MediaStores can be daisy-chained in a single Spectrum system to create a server solution with maximum bandwidth and storage capacity. Up to 250 TB of usable storage capacity.

Reliable design Dual redundant power supplies, fans, HBAs, and data paths. RAID-protected storage. Hot-swappable drives.

Spectrum is ideal for all your playout needs 

CiaB & ICP workflows
Simplify your broadcast chain by using integrated channel playout features such as advanced graphics, branding, master control switching, playout automation, subtitle insertion, audio mixing, delay service, audio watermarking and much more.
Studio & news production

Spectrum X meets your needs for sophisticated studio and fast-turn news workflows. Core system functionality is controlled by Spectrum Media Studio or any of our many production partners’ applications.

Hybrid baseband & IP I/O

Whether your I/O is all baseband, all IP or a hybrid mixture of both, Spectrum X delivers. Choose between SDI, ST 2022-6, ST 2110, ST 2022-7 and NDI media delivery protocols.

Frequently asked questions

How can I scale up my system?

The modular nature of Spectrum products means that you can easily expand existing Spectrum systems to support new channels or increase storage or bandwidth requirements.  Software features allow you to add new capabilities simply by adding new licenses.

Which other Harmonic products should I pair with Spectrum?

When configured as a standalone CiaB server, Spectrum X will ingest to and play from MediaGrid central storage. This configuration results in a highly scalable, Ethernet-based shared storage system optimized for digital media workflows with virtually unlimited channel count. Spectrum X-MediaGrid systems are also ideal for multi-channel production environments that require fast turnaround edits.

Can the Spectrum Media Family integrate with existing infrastructures?

In addition to strongly adhering to published media standards, we work hand in hand with our many partners who create applications that leverage our core server and storage functionality. The Spectrum media server APIs allow developers to create compelling solutions for a wide range of workflows. Its rich feature set is available to any vendor wishing to integrate the Spectrum system into their workflow.

What kind of services are available for Spectrum X?

At Harmonic, we offer multiple services for all our products. Our experts can guide you to a package that works for your business including, professional services, service level agreements, technical support, and training for your team. 

How can I get help for my Spectrum products?

You can get assistance from the Harmonic Technical Assistance Center for all your support questions and issues. The fastest and most efficient way is through our OneCare Portal.
Otherwise, you can reach the team by phone, through chat, or by reporting your issue

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