Deploy a next-gen broadband network

With the cOS™ Broadband Platform, you can lay a sustainable foundation for the ultra-connected future in every rural, suburban and urban community you serve. Gain common control, management, IP traffic forwarding, and greater network reliability as you step on the path to 10G.

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Flexible PON solutions for FTTx

The cOS Platform supports multiple access technologies and variants of PON (XGS-PON, EPON). With third-party interoperability, there's no vendor lock-in and you can leverage existing DOCSIS infrastructures to add PON services.

Sustainably expand capacity with cOS Platform

Generate massive space and power savings with reduced hardware investment. With cOS in a Distributed Access Architecture (DAA), using Remote PHY and virtualized CMTS, you gain more agile DOCSIS provisioning to ease your operations as you scale up and out.

Solutions for Hospitality & MDU networks

Leverage on-premise wiring and the cOS platform to deliver high-value internet and video services to hotels, multi-dwelling units (MDUs), hospitals, universities, senior citizen communities and other high-density sites.

Frequently asked questions

What are the services Harmonic offers for its broadband solutions?

Harmonic has a team of network experts to work alongside your operators, technicians and engineers. We can support your network planning, deployment, installation, configuration, troubleshooting and maintenance 24/7 and 365 days per year.

How can I get assistance with Harmonic broadband solutions?

Harmonic offers a state-of-the-art engagement platform designed exclusively for Harmonic's cOS customers. You'll get access to a 24/7, non-stop NOC to NOC coordination through a dedicated chat service or through a support line.
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