Smarter. Faster. Simpler Solutions

Harmonic, the worldwide leader in virtualized broadband and video streaming solutions, is guiding the transformation for video, broadband and media companies, with smarter, faster, and simpler solutions. For the past 25 years, we have been at the forefront of industry innovations every step of the way. Whether powering multi-gigabit broadband services or simplifying video streaming and broadcast delivery, Harmonic is shaping the future of the telecom, cable, and media and entertainment industries.


Revolutionizing broadband networks

Harmonic is driving the market to fast broadband services and greener operations. We develop cloud-native, virtualized broadband solutions to make intelligent connectivity possible and provide a pathway to a 10G future.

Enabling premium video streaming

We create video streaming solutions that are made for the cloud. Our customers use SaaS or cloud-based solutions to accelerate time to market and monetize their services for live streaming and next-gen TV delivery.

Transforming broadcast TV

We accompany every broadcast customer to the future of television. Our solutions drive evolution with software-based appliances, and cloud-native software for private data centers.


Accelerating digital growth

Our customers get 24/7 support from our DevOps and support teams to power their ability to reach business objectives without the hassle of complex infrastructures. We have clients from all over the video streaming, broadcast, and broadband industries. 

We value creativity, innovation,
integrity & respect

We have a passion for developing innovative solutions that address the industry challenges of today and tomorrow. Our investments in R&D have been rewarded with numerous patents and awards. We don't just sell products; we make video streaming simpler and broadband operations faster.

Creativity & innovation

We achieve excellence through our creativity and innovation

Integrity & respect

We build our relationships on the fundamentals of integrity and respect

Quality & success

We strive to deliver the highest quality in every aspect of our business


Innovate, create &
accelerate with us

Our technology and innovation are the powerhouse behind some of the largest TV, cable and video entertainment providers around the world. Are you one of the bright talents we are looking for to support our global leadership? Join us in our exciting journey and become part of our unique and globally diverse team.