Bally Sports personalizes sports streaming at scale

Bally Sports is the largest regional network (RSN) in the U.S. The platform streams 45,000 live professional events per year from 40 MLB, NBA, and NHL teams.
The live sports streaming industry is changing, and Bally Sports is on the starting line for innovation.  
A challenge to engage sports audiences

Bally Sports wanted a new way to drive fan engagement and content monetization while scaling for millions of viewers. 

Shifting the video architecture

It was time for a change, moving from a traditional, linear broadcast model to an individual clip model.

The shift allows Bally Sports to manage content rights seamlessly from within its in-house, developed CMS. 

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The results are happy fans and high CPMs

Bally Sports launched a personalized direct-to-consumer streaming platform to millions of subscribers with a 99.995% uptime.

The NBA, MLB and NHL games are now monetized with personalized advertising, resulting in the highest possible CPMs.

Personalization has become critical for fan engagement

Bally Sports has seen a shift in how sports fans watch and engage with content. Audiences are looking for an engaging, interactive streaming experience that can be personalized based on the viewer



Personalized advertising

Bally Sports' platform now leverages server-side ad insertion (SSAI) to offer addressable advertising on live, linear, premium sports streaming. The precise targeting increases CPMs and revenue opportunities.

Content personalization

Enhance the user experience by personalizing end-user's streams. Based on SCTE 224 content access rights data, the correct asset is streamed to each subscriber. 


Blackout compliancy

Managing content RSNs is complex. Bally Sports automatically adapts to the audiences' geo-location and adheres to regulations and restrictions for distribution set by sports leagues. 

Delivering a new D2C service, reliably at scale

In a live sports streaming environment, resiliency and scalability are musts. Bally Sports deployed the VOS®360 platforms in a geo-redundant configuration on Microsoft Azure to achieve 99.995% uptime.




Cloud geo-redundancy and source redundancy diversity ensure resilient, end-to-end, video delivery.


24/7 proactive monitoring

Rely on Harmonic's SaaS DevOps team to keep an eye on the health of live services, 24/7.


Live event support

Harmonic offers in-person support for live events for resource planning, event set-up and more.


“We’re excited to continue our work to evolve 10G technologies as we begin our efforts to extend those benefits to customers, and we value the important work Harmonic has done to support those efforts.”
Elad Nafshi
Senior vise president of Next-Generation Access Networks at Comcast

Building the best sports streaming service in the market, together

As partners, Harmonic and Bally Sports worked together to create the right video architecture by combining Harmonic’s VOS360 platform, VOS360 Media SaaS, and VOS360 Ad SaaS, integrated with its custom CMS developed in-house and suite of front-end applications to provide subscribers with a premium live sports streaming experience.