Flexibility with complete distribution control

Reduce energy costs and rack space with the multi-format decoder and descrambler ProView 8140 1-RU chassis. You can migrate from SD MPEG-2 to HD AVC with this flexible appliance by simply upgrading the firmware. The ProView 8100 IRD is perfect for a wide range of solutions, like basic monitoring up to end-point delivery in distribution networks.

Reduce space & energy costs

The 1-RU appliance allows you to launch new services quickly and cost-effectively thanks to the integration of DVB-S/S2/S2X demodulation and the ability to stream descrambled content over IP.

Receive broadcast-quality video

Control how you distribute your video with support for reception of broadcast-quality video over the internet. You’ll no longer have to depend on satellite and fiber transport.

Video distribution with ProView 8100

You can integrate the 1-RU ProView 8100 with any headend architecture and support a rich set of interfaces, including two independent RF ports, DVB-ASI and IP inputs and outputs, and 3G HD-SDI and HDMI outputs. 

The ProView 8100 supports the extraction of encapsulated video content as Multiprotocol Encapsulation (MPE) data for offline distribution — a particularly valuable feature for the distribution of syndicated content to network affiliates.

Extended outputs

Single-channel SD, HD, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC decoding and descrambling

Expanded inputs

DVB-S/S2/S2X, DVB-ASI and IP input

Process & remultiplex

Filtering, aliasing and table remapping

Distribution over the internet

Reception of broadcast-quality over the open internet

T2-MI deframming to MPEG TS

One T2-MI-to-TS conversion


Front-panel controls and intuitive, web-based user interface

ProView 8100 technical specifications

TS input/Output interfaces

DVB-S/S2/S2X: One TS
DVB-ASI: One BNC connector
MPEG over IP: Two 100/1000 Base-T RJ-45 connectors for redundancy, two SPTS/MPTS sockets

ASI: Single transport stream (TS)
IP: Two ports, mirrored

Descrambling, processing & remultiplexing

Embedded descrambling

DVB-CI descrambling interface
Two independent CI slots

Processing and remultiplexing
Stream and service level remultiplexing with service or unreferenced PID remultiplexing
Service filtering and remapping
ES PID remapping
Unreferenced PID filtering and remapping
High-accuracy PCR restamping
PSI/SI processing and regeneration
CA signaling removed when descrambling

Audio/video decoding & processing

Audio decoding

Audio PID decoding
Two audio PIDs

Decoding formats
Stereo down-mix
MPEG-1 Layer II (Musicam)
Dolby® Digital (AC-3)/Dolby Digital Plus (E-AC-3) stereo decode
AC-3/E-AC-3 5.1 decode1
AC-3/E-AC-3 5.1 down-mix, passthrough
AAAC/HE-AAC, LC stereo decode
AAC/HE-AAC, LC 5.1 decode, down-mix, pass through


Video decoding

One channel

Decoding formats
MPEG-2 SD 4:2:0 MP@ML
MPEG-2 HD 4:2:0 MP@HL
MPEG-4 AVC HD MP@L4.0, HP@4.0

Video formats
1080i @ 29.97, 30, 25 fps
720p @ 59.94, 50, 60 fps
480i @ 29.97 fps
576i @ 25 fps
480p @ 59.94 fps


Video processing

T2-MI deframing to MPEG TS

HD video down-converted to SD with aspect ratio conversion

Aspect ratio conversion: 16:9 to 4:3

Simultaneous HD-SDI and SD-SDI output

VBI reinsertion in composite video and embedded in SDI

CC CEA 608/708 re-insertion in composite video and SDI VANC

Video & audio interfaces

Video Input
Frame sync1: SD/HD, digital/analog

Video Output
One composite (PAL/NTSC)
Two 3G HD-SDI with embedded audio; each can be SD-SDI or HD-SDI

Audio Output
Two analog audio terminal blocks, 600 Ω
Two digital audio (AES/EBU-S/P-DIF), embedded SDI
Two digital audio, balanced, 15-pin D-connector

Control & monitoring

HTTP browser interface

Ethernet: RJ45 10/100BaseT control interface

Front-panel keypad and LCD

SNMP traps and alarms

XML interface for control and monitoring




ProView 8100 for all your contribution & distribution needs

Primary distribution

I/O flexibility allows you to integrate with any headend architecture and support for advanced content delivery redundancy schemes.

Business continuity

Repurpose ProView 8100 via firmware upgrades for different uses and new applications, such as migration from SD MPEG-2 to HD AVC.

Distribute content over the internet

Receive and send superior video quality at resolutions of up to 1080p50/60 over the internet to alleviate dependence on satellite and fiber transport.

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