Advanced feature set & simplified operations

The compact and robust ViBE® CP9000 encoder is a perfect fit for any contribution or primary distribution where latency, quality and reliability matter. 

ViBE CP9000  is ideal for your DSNG vehicles, teleports and flyaway packages. An ultra-low latency encoding mode gets you to less than 100 ms to provide pristine video quality.

Reduce your production costs

Reduce your production costs and transport pristine live video from a field location to the studio via IP with ease.

Lower system footprint & power consumption

You'll generate massive savings with the compact, 1-RU ViBE CP9000. Encode up to eight HD or two UHD video channels and 64 audio channels.

Operational flexibility

Boost your operational flexibility and business continuity by leveraging a scalable migration path.

Encoding with ViBE CP9000

You'll get a flexible appliance with a unique range of input and output types, like ST 2110 or SRT. A single hardware model with all features available via software and simple licensing.

Future proof

UHD, HEVC, HDR, ST 2110, SRT with low latency

Audio processing

Up to 64 audio channels per chassis

Compact power

Dual hot-swappable AC PSU and low power consumption

Precision encoding

Superior real-time HEVC H.265 and AVC H.264

Rich detail

HLG, PQ10, HDR10 and S-Log3 HDR support


Web-based user interface

ViBE CP9000 technical specifications

Number of channels

Up to 8 x HD/1080p or 2 x UHD, or mix of 4 x HD and 1 x UHD


2 x 10G for HD over SMPTE 2022-6 or SMPTE 2110

Video & audio processing

Video processing
AVC 4:2:0 & 4:2:2
HEVC 4:2:0 & 4:2:2
Ultra-low, low, standard, and long latency mode

Audio processing
Encoding and passthrough
Stereo and surround 5.1
MPEG 1 Layer 2, AAC, HE-AAC, AC3, AC3+
Dolby-E, PCM, AC-4, ATMOS

Multiplexing & scrambling

SPTS or MPTS of up to 8 x services
PSI/SI generation

BISS 1 mode 1 and E
BISS 2 mode 1, E, and CA


2 x 1G Ethernet ports
ASI output (option)
TS over IP - independent, mirror, synchronized SMPTE 2022-7


1-RU low depth
Dual hot-swappable AC PSU

Control & supervision

2 x 1G Ethernet ports
NMX™ integration for monitoring
Integrated in Dataminer third-party NMS 


ViBE CP9000 for your contribution encoding efficiency

End-to-end UHD HDR delivery

Make your viewers feel like they are part of the game by vastly improving the video quality of sports content.

Deploy media over IP

Transform your architecture to deliver media over IP. You deploy a scalable, efficient and cost-effective system for UHD media processing.

Low latency contribution to the cloud

Deliver high-quality sports contents to the cloud with SRT. Ensures low latency whatever the format, saving precious seconds throughout the end-to-end system.


Frequently asked questions

What kind of services are available for ViBE CP9000?

At Harmonic, we offer multiple services for all our products. Our experts can guide you to a package that works for your business including, professional services, service level agreements, technical support and training for your team. 

How can I get assistance with my ViBE CP9000?

You can get assistance from the Harmonic Technical Assistance Center for all your support questions and issues. The fastest and most efficient way is through our OneCare Portal.
Otherwise, you can reach the team by phone, through chat, or by reporting your issue

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