Add new broadband services with agility

The Jetty 60G-Capable Remote Switch leverages Harmonic's industry-leading cOS® broadband platform to bring multi-gigabit connectivity to every rural, suburban and urban community you serve.

Give your subscribers access to the essential multi-gigabit broadband services they need with a PON overlay on top of cable services, or as a PON island in greenfield areas using the existing DAA infrastructure.

You can bridge the digital divide with long-distance 10G Ethernet, 10G EPON, and XGS-PON optical modules using Jetty as a foundation to quickly launch new high-speed broadband services.

Eliminate costly fiber build-out with minimal hardware investment
Get the lowest overall power consumption on the market today

Use your existing DAA network infrastructure to add PON services


Sustainably scale your
network capacity

Aligned with the 10G initiative, the Jetty 60G-Capable Remote Switch offers six SFP ports, at 10Gbps each, for unprecedented bandwidth capacity compared to existing remote devices. Quickly deploy new Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) services with Jetty and Harmonic's cOS broadband platform. This multi-access edge solution is an agile, scalable, and sustainable foundation to provide the next-generation broadband services.

You can significantly reduce space, power, and cooling requirements to improve your cost of ownership with Jetty and the cOS platform. Jetty enables precision PON and fiber deployments with latency and loss-sensitive optical components placed closer to your subscribers for enhanced network performance. Eliminate the need for more capital-intensive, fiber-optic infrastructure, and improve service velocity using a single virtual solution. 

6 ports
Get up to 10Gbps for each SFP port to gain significant bandwidth capacity
Ease your rural broadband service expansion with fast time to market
Benefit from high-density for high-speed broadband and FTTH services

Jetty 60G-Capable Remote Switch features

Jetty offers a scalable, flexible and sustainable solution that can evolve with your network over time.

Unprecedented density

Gain six SFP ports to increase your 10G PON capabilities to up to 60G and retain 10GE redundant backhaul links to provide 50G worth of XGS PON

& flexible

The Jetty can house SFP-based OLTs for XGS PON and can also be leveraged for Ethernet services using a GE SFP+

Interoperable & standardized

Jetty integrates into existing DAA nodes to use your distributed HFC infrastructures to add PON services and align with the 10G initiative

Deploys fast & scales

Make PON deployment and operations more agile, straightforward, and scalable with reduced hardware costs

Powerful & compact

Deploy two Jetty remote switches in a single Ripple+ DAA node to support up to ten XGS PON fiber segments

Jetty 60G-Capable Remote Switch for all your broadband needs

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Harmonic has a team of network experts to work alongside your operators, technicians and engineers. We can support your network planning, deployment, installation, configuration, troubleshooting and maintenance 24/7 and 365 days per year.

How can I receive support for Jetty?

All Harmonic cOS customers have access to our state-of-the-art cOS Central platform. You'll have access to a complete set of cloud-based tools and services to simplify your cable and broadband network monitoring, management and operations.
If you need immediate support, you can either:

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