Your compact R-PHY shelf
for maximum network performance

The Wave Remote PHY Shelf is fully redundant. Consolidate your hardware to reduce real-estate requirements with full convergence of your services.

Lower your power consumption with an optimized design that respects industry standards. You can deliver the best-of-breed service quality to meet subscriber demands with minimal hardware investment.

1-RU chassis with redundant power supplies option
3 RPDs
Up to three RPDs with 1x2 RF ports
Lowest power usage with full DOCSIS 3.1 spectrum
Full data, video and legacy service convergence

Wave Remote PHY Shelf features

The Wave R-PHY shelf can deploy your IP and legacy data, video, and voice services fast with sustainable capacity growth.

Lower energy impact

Reduce hardware investment to generate massive savings

Excellent RF quality

Ensure a higher signal quality over longer distances

cOS Central monitoring

24/7/365 system health monitoring for optimal performance

Modular design

Modular for the flexibility you need to evolve with your network over time

Absolutely seamless

Full data, video and legacy service convergence

NDF / NDR option

NDF / NDR module for delivery of legacy signals over DAA networks

Compare our PHY shelves

  • Form Factor
  • RPD Density
  • RPD Modules
  • RPD Options
  • Power Supply Redundancy
  • Power Supply Options

Wave Compact DAA Shelf

  • Form Factor 1-RU
  • RPD Density Up to 3 RPDs
  • RPD Modules 1 RPD per module
    Up to 3 modules per chassis
  • RPD Options 1DS x 1US, 1DS x 2US, NDF/NDR
  • Power Supply Redundancy true
  • Power Supply Options AC (110VAC, 220VAC), DC (-48VDC)

Reef High-Density DAA Shelf

  • Form Factor 2-RU
  • RPD Density Up to 18 RPDs
  • RPD Modules 1 RPD per module
    Up to 9 modules per chassis
  • RPD Options 1DS x 1US, 1DS x 2US
  • Power Supply Redundancy true
  • Power Supply Options AC (110VAC, 220VAC), DC (-48VDC)

Wave Remote PHY Shelf for all your broadband needs

Virtualize your CMTS

Disaggregate the CMTS to start leveraging the full benefits of cloud-native virtualization. Reduce energy and real estate to prepare for your seamless migration to the next generation of broadband.


Deploy R-PHY

Understand the essential steps and prepare for your R-PHY deployment. The cost benefits go far beyond just speed and optimization. Set your access network up for the future of broadband today.


Prepare for DAA

Get key insights on how your business benefits from a virtualized cable access network. The first step to DAA is virtualization. You can start your journey now at a lesser cost with increased savings.



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What are the services Harmonic offers for Wave?

Harmonic has a team of network experts to work alongside your operators, technicians and engineers. We can support your network planning, deployment, installation, configuration, troubleshooting and maintenance 24/7 and 365 days per year.

How can I receive support for cOS Wave?

All Harmonic cOS customers have access to our state-of-the-art cOS Central platform. You'll have access to a complete set of cloud-based tools and services to simplify your cable and broadband network monitoring, management and operations.
If you need immediate support, you can either:

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