Powerful UHD decoding with next-level excellence

The RD9000 ensures the highest quality UHD video. You can deliver an immersive, high-resolution experience for your subscribers. Achieve superior video quality in your premium contribution applications to meet the growing demand for best-in-class video services.

Deliver detail to your customers

Deliver the greatest level of detail, sharpness, and color gradients with the very latest technologies like UHD HDR (High Dynamic Range) along with WCG (Wide Color Gamut).

Any input, format or output

A universal software decoder for any input, format, or output and features real-time decoding via HEVC, MPEG-2, and AVC (H.264).

Improve performance & quality with RD9000

RD9000 software-based decoder featuring any format and any-codec is the reference decoder for any contribution and primary distribution use case.

You can deliver uncompressed video over IP with SMPTE-2110. The RD9000 is interoperable with professional encoders while also supporting DVB/SMPTE standards.

Powerful decoding

Decode up to 4 x SD/HD or 1 x UHD per chassis. Any format supported MPEG-2/AVC/HEVC 4:2:0 & 4:2:2 up to 160Mbps

Any input / output

Inputs: TS over IP, SRT, Zixi, ASI, RTMP, HLS, DVB-S2X 
Outputs: SDI, SMPTE 2110, HDMI

Video over IP

Generate up to 4 x HD or 1 x UHD uncompressed video over IP with SMPTE 2110

TS player

Embedded TS player enabling SDI or S2110 signal generation or failover to pre-recorded content

Input redundancy

The choice of input failover or hitless redundancy with SMPTE 2022-7

Control & monitoring

A standalone HTML user-friendly web interface

RD9000 technical specifications

Number of channels

Up to 4 x SD/HD/1080p or 1 x UHD


Up to 2 x 1G Ethernet ports
ASI input
TS over IP, unicast, multicast, UDP, RTP
Input failover & hitless 
redundancy SMPTE 2022-7 


TS player as source with internal storage

Video processing

MPEG-2 4:2:0 & 4:2:2
AVC 4:2:0 & 4:2:2
HEVC 4:2:0 & 4:2:2

Audio processing

Decoding and passthrough
Stereo and surround 5.1
Up to 16 x audio per video
MPEG-1 Layer 2, AAC, HE-AAC, AC3, AC3+
Dolby-E, PCM, AC-4, ATMOS


BISS 1 mode 1 and E
BISS 2 mode 1, E, and CA


2 x 10G for HD over SMPTE 2110
2 x 25G for HD/UHD over SMPTE-2110

Control & supervision

1G Ethernet port
HTML web user interface
NMX integration for monitoring
Integrated in Dataminer third-party NMS 


1-RU low-depth
Dual hot-swappable AC PSU


RD9000 is ideal for all your decoding needs

End-to-end UHD HDR delivery

Create, produce and deliver premium quality HDR content. With a complete UHD HDR product workflow, your video will impress viewers.


Deploy media over IP

Transform your architecture to deliver media over IP. You deploy a scalable, efficient and cost effective system for UHD media processing.


Deliver high-quality sports

The sports world is setting the stage for the next level of high-resolution video delivery. Get in on the action now.



Frequently asked questions

How can I get assistance for my RD9000?

You can get assistance from the Harmonic Technical Assistance Center for all your support questions and issues. The fastest and most efficient way is through our OneCare Portal.
Otherwise, you can reach the team by phone, through chat, or by reporting your issue

What kind of services are available for RD9000?

At Harmonic, we offer multiple services for all our products. Our team can guide you to a package that works for your business including, professional services, service level agreements, technical support and training for your team. 

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