A next generation DAA device

Pebble-2 DAA device supports multiple flavors of DAA to sustainably deliver the next generation of broadband services.

The Pebble-2 DAA device will come in both Remote PHY (RPD) and Remote MACPHY (RMD) versions that each share a common form factor and hardware design. The same common platform also supports both DOCSIS 4.0 options, including FDD and FDX.

You get the agility you need to adapt to evolving operational and business requirements. The Pebble-2 RF specification is compliant with the new CableLabs DRFI Annex D specification and supports telemetry, FFT, WBFFT, and OOB signals.

10G fiber
Add 10G PON services with existing DOCSIS fiber
DOCSIS 3.1/4.0
Ease upgrades and support both FDD and FDX
Improve RF quality for best quality of service
Complies with R-PHY and
R-MACPHY standards

A greener growth path to save as you modernize

Advanced power management technology reduces node power requirements to offer the most power-efficient device in the industry, even when in redundancy. The Pebble-2 DAA device design is compatible with the Pebble-1 form factor and provides a growth path for existing nodes.

The Pebble-2 DAA device can also be deployed in third-party legacy nodes without hardware modifications to offer even more power and cost savings.

Mobile backhaul capabilities across network generations with a common platform
Advanced power reduction for greener operations
Full spectrum for downstream and upstream in 1x2, 2x2 and 2x4 configurations
Deliver multiple flavors of data, video and voice services

Pebble-2 features

The Pebble-2 Remote PHY Device (RPD) lets you deliver high-speed video, data, and voice services over coax with AI-based metrics.

Compact & robust

Designed for durability to fit in small cabinets, hubs, nodes and outdoor locations

Low power

Advanced power management technology to significantly lower power consumption


Integrates into any PHY shelf or node and supports multiple deployment configurations

Intelligent & automated

Native connectivity to the core for simplified operations

Remote configuration

Field-proven to reduce truck rolls and bring agility to your operations

Standards compliant

Compliant solutions for R-PHY, R-MACPHY, and both flavors of DOCSIS 4.0

Pebble-2 DAA device for all your broadband needs

The cOS Broadband Platform can deploy in multiple access architectures to get your access network up to speed. A true cloud-native solution ensures that your network is agile, and delivers high-speed broadband services in every location you serve.
Virtualize your CMTS

Disaggregate the CMTS to start leveraging the full benefits of cloud-native virtualization. Reduce energy and real estate to prepare for your seamless migration to the next generation of broadband.


Evolve legacy nodes

Discover the innovate solutions to resolve costly problems tied to the end of support for GS7000 nodes. You can create new operational and commercial opportunities thanks to the Pebble-2 DAA device. 



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All Harmonic cOS customers have access to our state-of-the-art cOS Central platform. You'll have access to a complete set of cloud-based tools and services to simplify your cable and broadband network monitoring, management and operations.
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