Fast & reliable redundancy switching

You can depend on the compact 2:1 ProSwitch. The system monitors your MPEG-2 TS and seamlessly switches to a backup stream to maximize uptime. You can use this flexible 1-RU appliance for any architecture, including ASI-based headends and IP-centric networks.

Flexible architecture possibilities

Available with Gigabit Ethernet or ASI interfaces, the ProSwitch is suitable for any type of architecture: from widely deployed ASI-based headends to IP-centric networks. The switch is equipped with dual power supplies/plugs to maximize service availability and maintains service delivery via a smart and configurable bypass mechanism on the GbE and ASI interfaces — even in case of power failure.

Delay compensation capabilities

The ProSwitch offers delay-compensation capability by simultaneously analyzing delayed input streams (from several milliseconds to several seconds). If one input is detected as being corrupted, the unit compensates for the time difference and switches seamlessly to the other uncorrupted stream without any disturbance to end users. The typical application is network distribution redundancy.

Remote surveillance & configuration

The ProSwitch is equipped with a 100/1000 Base-T port for control and supervision. The unit can be supervised and configured remotely through any standard web browser, and provides a complete display of switching configurations, along with easy-to-read input/output status information, error-log data and bitrate graphics. The ProSwitch embeds an SNMP agent for centralized management applications.

Redundancy with ProSwitch

You'll get a fast, dense and reliable 2:1 MPEG-2 transport stream redundancy switch. Offering up to 16 2:1 IP switches or four 2:1 ASI switches in 1-RU, the high-density ProSwitch provides cost, power and space savings, helping operators to save on CAPEX and OPEX.

Seamless TS switching

Available for network and product redundancy (SFN adapters or T2-MI gateways)

Real-time monitoring

Complete view and health status of incoming streams

Delay compensation

From several milliseconds to several seconds

TS over IP switch

Up to 16 TS over IP switching functions

TS over ASI switch

Up to four 2:1 TS over ASI switching functions

Advanced tests

PID and stuffing max/min bitrate, service presence, continuity counter, CRC and more

ProSwitch technical specifications

TS over ASI switch

Up to four 2:1 TS over ASI switching functions
Up to eight ASI inputs
Up to eight ASI outputs: four smart secured outputs, four smart outputs
Smart bypass on ASI outputs to preserve user-selected TS inputs or last switch position
Byte or packet mode automatic detection
Configurable ASI outputs for monitoring purpose

TS over IP switch

Up to sixteen 2:1 TS over IP switching functions (up to eight in case of DVB-T2)
Four GbE 100/1000 Base-T ports (twisted pair, RJ45)
Configurable bypass on GbE ports
UDP/RTP or UDP encapsulation
IGMP v2/v3
TS over IP output duplication (up to 4 per switching function)

Switching analyses

Full real-time monitoring of all incoming transport streams
TR 101 290 Priority 1/2/3 analysis
Advanced tests: PID max/min bitrate, stuffing max/min bitrate, service presence, scrambling PIDs, DVB-T MIP checking, DVB-T2 T2-MI packet checking, allowed PIDs, continuity counter, CRC, sub-table max/min interval

Switching strategies

Automatic switch supporting TS input priority (Main/Spare mode)
Automatic switch on TS input upon failure (Redundancy mode)
Manual switch

Switching conditions

TS seamless switching for identical TS (network redundancy)
DVB-T/SFN seamless switching (MIP PID) with ProStream X (SFN adapter)
DVB-T2/SFN seamless switching (T2-MI PID) with ProStream X (T2-MI gateway)
TS near seamless switching for (1+1) TS (device redundancy)

Delay compensation

Available on ASI and IP switches (from several milliseconds to several seconds)

Control & supervision

Web GUI for remote control
SNMPv2 and v3 agent for NMS
Ten GPI inputs

Four contact closure outputs


 1-RU low depth
Dual and redundant AC PSU


ProSwitch is ideal for all your redundancy needs

ATSC 3.0

Monitor and test models for this environment ensuring that your ATSC MPEG-2 TS is properly secured.

Network & product redundancy

Designed for automatic redundancy of 1+1 TS streams coming from two different paths handling different delays or coming from two different equipment.


Seamless switching for DVB-T/T2 terrestrial networks, by preserving the SFN structure of the incoming transport streams.

Turk Telekom leverages Harmonic’s ProSwitch for playout and redundancy. The ProSwitch monitors Turk Telekom’s MPEG-2 TS and seamlessly switches to a backup stream to maximize uptime. This ensures a flawless viewing experience for viewers, without minimal latency.

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