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VOS®360 Media SaaS takes even the most complex workflow and abstracts it to a simple layer with guaranteed reliability. Receive content at the source, uplink to the cloud, insert and personalize the content, then distribute right to your viewer’s screen. Improve your viewer’s experience with reduced latency and exceptional encoding efficiency.

Reduce the average bandwidth by 50 percent with EyeQ™ content-aware encoding and latest developments in artificial intelligence. 

Handle live event viewing peaks

Cloud geo-redundancy, source redundancy, and multi-CDN path diversity ensure resilient end-to-end video delivery for millions of simultaneous viewers.

You can optimize your live video delivery to enhance experiences with flexible and real-time scaling that handles peak viewing.

Launch ad-supported streaming TV

Enhance direct-to-consumer reach and boost engagement. VOS360 allows you to quickly create personalized channels using a new or existing library of assets to drive revenue.

Bypass ad blockers with DAI & SSAI

You can use a seamless, end-to-end architecture to deliver personalized to all of your subscribers. Integrate dynamic and server-side ad insertion into your video workflow with ease thanks to VOS360.

Deliver engaging video to captivate audiences

Choose your cloud, or even multiple clouds to deploy VOS providing you agility and flexibility. A vast ecosystem of pre-integrated partner applications, including leading digital rights management (DRM), watermarking, ad tech, over 20 CMS providers and automation partner accelerate your time to market.

You can optimize your live video delivery to enhance experiences with flexible and real-time scaling that handles peak viewing.

Choose your cloud provider

Choose your cloud, or even multiple clouds to deploy VOS providing you agility and flexibility.

Vast ecosystem of partner applications

A vast ecosystem of pre-integrated partner applications, including leading digital rights management (DRM), watermarking, ad tech, over 20 CMS providers and automation partner accelerate your time to market.

Real-time scaling & viewer peaks

You can optimize your live video delivery to enhance experiences with flexible and real-time scaling that handles peak viewing.

Engage audiences with VOS360

Our expertise and multi-year investment in cloud-based video technology provide an optimal path for both your streaming and broadcast workflows. VOS360 unifies the entire media processing chain from ingest and asset acquisition to delivery. Your service availability is ensured through 24/7 DevOps.

Scale on the fly

Optimize video delivery with multi-CDN capabilities and real-time scaling

Seamless integration

Integrate with a wide range of media applications using the VOS API

Unrivaled quality

Provide exceptional encoding efficiency with AI techniques and low latency

Cloud neutrality

A cloud agnostic design enables a multi-cloud approach and geo-redundancy

24/7/365 DevOps

Dedicated teams of experts provide the highest levels of availability and maximum uptime

Powerful workflows

End-to-end capabilities simplify all stages of the media processing and delivery chain

VOS360 applications

VOS360 Media SaaS allows you to elevate your services and define the workflows your team is used to.
Sports events
Deliver and monetize live sports content with pristine video quality. Real-time scaling, geo-redundancy, and other advanced features on the VOS360 Media SaaS enable sports events to be delivered reliably and at scale, with high resiliency and targeted ads.
SSAI & variants
The VOS360 Media SaaS integrates with the industry ad-serving market leaders and uses Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) to dynamically scale in the cloud. Serve millions of concurrent users, and replace or insert pre-rolls and mid-rolls on your live, time-shifted or VOD streams with ease.
Linear TV streaming
Empower your video business to reach new audiences with a single, cloud-based solution. The VOS360 Media SaaS features best-in-class linear streaming capabilities so that operators can stream to any device and expand audience reach globally with an outstanding linear and VOD experience.
Broadcast in the cloud
Unify workflows and launch TV channels faster, with greater agility and flexibility by supporting ingest, transcoding, playout, branding, statmux and multiplexing of transport streams for all types of broadcast delivery.
Application-video-on-demand copy
Video on-demand
Use a single platform to handle the complete video workflow from transcoding, packaging, storage, origin, to the content delivery network (CDN). Easily ingest your files or record your live sources to create VOD assets to immediately publish, and stream to your subscribers.
FAST platforms
Ad-supported TV platforms are growing explosively and generating tremendous revenues in the US and around the globe delivering channels to connected TVs and devices. The VOS360 solution for FAST delivers high quality, fully monetized channels directly from the cloud.
Cloud distribution
With the VOS360 Media SaaS, operators can distribute linear channels globally, securely and reliably using a public CDN, enabling stream customization and increased flexibility.
Channel origination
Harness the power of the public cloud to ingest, schedule, encode, and playout your channels for distribution to affiliates, or direct to consumers over the internet. Harmonic’s VOS360 delivers premium quality channels quickly and efficiently using the latest technology.

VOS360 technical specifications


Live ingest for transcoding
Includes compressed TS (MPEG-2, AVC, HEVC) sources, up to UHD. 

Multi-bitrate TS live ingest for packaging (no transcoding)
Supports compressed TS AVC and HEVC sources. The streams can be received over managed networks (SMPTE-2022-1, 2022-2, 2022-7) and internet (SRT). Also supports RTMP live inputs.

Audio codecs

Close caption, Teletext, DVB-Sub

Harmonic's ViBE® CP9000 and XOS can be used to ingest signals.


Harmonic PURE Compression Engine™
Advanced transcoding technology supports SD, HD and UHD formats, and MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC and HEVC codecs for broadcast and OTT delivery, providing groundbreaking video quality at the lowest possible bit rates and latency.

Harmonic EyeQ™ Content-Aware Encoding
Offers consistent, superior video quality for IPTV and OTT services, with up to a 50 percent reduction in bandwidth. This technology is built with artificial intelligence techniques to achieve better video quality at a lower bit rate and higher density. You can add this on to any Harmonic product.


Optimize storage and ease upgrades with the addition of new packaging features. All formats are supported so that your content can be seen on virtually any device or social platform.

Powerful subtitling conversions for optimizing your application rendering.

Low latency for streaming live sports with no delays compared to broadcasts.


Multi-CAS and Multi-DRM solutions for protecting your pay TV, OTT, and hybrid platforms.

AES and BISS provide scrambling for pay TV and are integrated with major DVB Simulcrypt and DVB-CAS conditional access systems for content protection.

DRM for OTT, including FairPlay and PlayReady for HLS, Widevine and PlayReady for MPEG-DASH, MPEG-CENC for CMAF (MPEG-DASH + HLS), and PlayReady for HSS. HKMS, CPIX, and specific APIs interface with Key Management Systems (KMS).


Delivers the full range of storage and bandwidth scalability expected from cloud-based deployments, including supporting private copy nPVR and large VOD catalogs.

Integrating VOS360 origin with a third-party CMS solution is simple thanks to the VOS API, which comes with online documentation and samples. In addition, with the number of VOS360 integrations that have already taken place, it is very likely your CMS solution is already covered. 

SCTE 224 Blackout Management and Dynamic Ad Insertions are based on the manifest manipulation extension of the origin, and cover modern content distribution and monetization workflows.    


Prepare and distribute content to your audience in a single platform. Stream your VOD content, linear channels or live events directly to your App. VOS360 can even provide CDN services to keep it simple.

VOS360 can also distribute your linear channel over SRT to affiliates, for further customization, or to FAST platforms or even to DTH teleports. 

“For the first time, our viewers can watch live, high-profile sports events in UHD HDR.”
CP Lee
Chief Technology Officer at Mola TV
“The end-to-end seamless workflow makes the user experience unique, allowing us to focus on the content while entrusting the experts with the technology."
Reverend Dominic Yeo
Lead Pastor, at Trinity Christian Centre
“Using VOS360 media processing as a service, we can deliver exceptional video quality to any screen.”
Brad Lee
Director of Business Solutions, at Hulman & Company

Frequently asked questions

Which software is best for live streaming?

There are many elements to take into consideration when choosing the best software for live streaming sports and events.
1. Workflow performance and quality of experience.
2. High uptime and resiliency of premium content.
3. Ability to insert ads and personalize content with DAI and SSAI. 

What is the difference between AVOD and FAST?

AVOD means advertising-based video on-demand. FAST is free ad-supported TV.
Both AVOD and FAST are business models used to provide viewers with access to streaming content for free while leveraging advertising revenues to support the service. 

What are the services Harmonic offers for VOS360 Media SaaS?

Harmonic offers multiple services for VOS360 Media SaaS. You get access to a dedicated customer success manager to ensure you have all of the support and information you need. 
VOS360 includes a standard service agreement and access to 24/7 DevOps through the Harmonic HUB.
You may also choose to extend service availability to 99.995%. 

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