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Live sports events inspire audiences, and auto racing is no exception. Fans crave the excitement of holding the wheel in a tight curve before screaming to the finish line. For INDYCAR, a major U.S. racing organization, the goal was to provide value to viewers using the app, especially on race days. They wanted to increase the number of app users and improve fan engagement without expanding their budget.

IndyCar gets results

Harmonic’s VOS®360 Media SaaS enables the American racing organization to be more agile and simplifies its operations. Viewers feel like they’re part of the live-action thanks to the high-quality in-car video and pit-crew audio during auto races.

Harmonic VOS360 Platform was a perfect fit

Easy deployment for fast time to market. 

The racing organization chose our VOS360 Media SaaS and we kept the pace. Deploying at racing speed requires expertise, adaptability, and real-world experience. We designed, tested and deployed the platform in less than 5 weeks.

For the major 500 race, we were there to support the launch of additional streams. The elastic pricing model ensured that there were no surprises. It’s a straight forward pay-for-usage model that can scale up at peak viewing, or shrink when the event ends, and turn off when the season is over.

The VOS360 Media SaaS is easy to use. The organization’s team of operators was running it entirely solo by the third race in the season. The simplicity drove down operational costs for race day events. It allowed them to focus on creating unique experiences that captured audiences, race after race.

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