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VOS experts support your team from the start

Accelerate your time to launch, go live with your system, and evolve as you grow with our team of VOS experts. You get the flexibility to decide the services you need and how our team can support you best. 


check-roundVOS Onboarding

Harmonic experts set up your initial deployment so you can hit the ground running.


check-roundVOS Configuration

Set up workflows and services in accordance to your requirements.


check-roundVOS Monitoring
Rely on our VOS360 SaaS DevOps to keep an eye on the health of your VOS instances, 24/7.
check-roundVOS Maintenance
As the software evolves, so will your system with consistent upgrades.

Access to tools created for your success

No matter the VOS solution you deploy, you will get access to tools that were made by experts in video streaming and broadcast technology. 


Central hub for access to everything

Control your system, manage users and follow your service notifications within the Harmonic Hub. The administrative control console is a one-stop to manage your VOS system.

Master VOS with self-serve resources

Educate yourself, and your team with access to Harmonic University, a platform designed to help you master VOS solutions. Whether you are a first time user, or looking to deepen your expertise, you'll get access to a wealth of tutorials, expert-led content and more. 

Technical knowledge from the experts

Navigate the intricacies of VOS solutions effortlessly with comprehensive API documentation and technical resources. Our team of experts created a knowledge base with the support and information necessary to be successful with any deployment.


Our team, at your service

Harmonic offers a suite of services for VOS solutions to get your channels up fast.  These services range from consultation, customer onboarding, workflow and channel configuration, third-party integration and operational assistance.


VOS instance creation

Define where you'd like to host your VOS instance, on a private cloud, or Harmonic's or your public cloud.



Workflow configuration

Get tailored workflow and channel setups to fit your specific needs. We ensure seamless operation and optimal content delivery.  



Third-party integrations

Ensure compatibility and functionality with third-party DRMs, CMS' and Ad Servers. You can count on our team to do rigorous testing. 



SSAI source characterization

Enhance revenue generation without compromising viewer experience with detailed source characterization for precise ad placement.



VOD service configuration

Improve viewer engagement and allow audiences to control their experience. Let us configure your video-on-demand and timeshift services. 



Library migration assistance

Allow us to migrate your existing VOD library. You'll get a smooth transition and preserve the video integrity without the headache. 



Interop testing 

Make sure your legacy systems are interoperable with your new system. We can handle that for you as you migrate. 




Master VOS at your own pace with expert-led learning paths, individual courses, and technical documents.



General support

24x7 incident support to maximize system uptime, or general support on day-to-day operational inquiries.


Get the right level of guidance and support

Our suite of VOS service and support packages are ready to be deployed when you are. You can choose the package and level of support that is right for your business needs, putting you in control of your experience.

VOS360 SaaS Support Plans

Explore three support packages and select the right one for your operational needs. 

VOS Software Support Plans

Discover two support packages and select the right one for your operational needs.  

Frequently asked questions

What features does Harmonic offer in its VOS solutions service and support offerings? 

Harmonic offers a suite of service and support packages to meet customers' technical capabilities and economic considerations.  Once Harmonic onboards a new VOS instance, you have the option to perform the workflow and service configuration on your own, or let Harmonic perform the configuration service.  When the VOS instance is in production, Harmonic offers three support packages so you can subscribe to the tier that best fits your operational requirements.

Can Harmonic assist with the integration of VOS solutions into existing systems? 

Yes, we have many certified third-party interfaces pre-integrated with VOS. You will be able to deploy a production-ready solution rapidly.  Harmonic also offers integration services to certify new third-party solutions. Please reach out to your Harmonic account manager to talk about these options.

What is the typical response time for Harmonic's support teams? 

Support for VOS is initiated through the Harmonic Hub.  Incidents, that are severity 1 cases with service impact, have a 5-minute response time, 24/7.  Non-service impacting issues (severity 2 and 3 cases) have longer response times, depending on the severity and the support tier you have chosen.

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