Accelerate your proactivity for maximum uptime

The cOS platform Central is a powerful set of tools to refine your network and ensure the highest possible performance. Compatible with third-party monitoring systems you can leverage advanced analytics and monitoring tools, and get support with easy-to-use engagement platforms. With precision auditing capabilities and field-assist tools, you can ensure faster more reliable broadband service availability at every location you serve.

You maintain total control to secure consumer privacy and manage access to services. The entire system is fully redundant for optimal network performance.

Automatic case creation reduces manual error for improved efficiency
Constant capture of data and metrics for a clear view of every site from edge to end
Robust security to protect your network and consumer privacy from any potential threat

Always connected with real-time data collection

cOS Central is a powerful, edge-to-end solution that gets your access network up to speed. Accelerate your data-driven proactivity in real-time with an intelligent set of monitoring, management, and engagement tools designed to simplify your operations.

Keep your access network running at maximum performance with easy-to-use and mobile-friendly apps for instant response time. Detailed analytics from the entire network gives you the power to act with swift precision.

Non-stop NOC to NOC coordination to detect issues before they occur
Real-time analytics with non-stop data collection
Advanced monitoring and management tools to enhance your operations
Metrics, dashboard and alerts customized for your every network need

cOS Central features

cOS Central boosts your proactivity to take your quality of service to new levels of excellence.

Advanced monitoring

Data-rich metrics, dashboards and alerts deployed in agile methods

Improved proactivity

Reduce time-to-root-cause to detect and resolve issues before the occur

Constant connectivity

Unrivaled support from network and domain experts 24/7/365

Absolute control

Advanced auditing capabilities and field-assist tools for improved reliability

Simplified deployment

Clear visibility from edge to end to ensure your service continuity


Seamless integration with existing PNM tools

cOS Central for all your network needs

Virtualize your CMTS

The cOS VCMTS software lets you disaggregate the CMTS to start leveraging the full benefits of cloud-native virtualization. Reduce energy and real estate to prepare for your seamless migration to the next generation of broadband.


Deploy R-PHY

Understand the essential steps and prepare for your R-PHY deployment. The cost benefits go far beyond speed and optimization. Set your access network up for the future of broadband today.


Prepare for DAA

Get key insights on how your business benefits from a virtualized cable access network. The first step to DAA is virtualization. You can start your journey now at a lesser cost with increased savings.



“We are actively deploying remote PHY into our network to increase network capacity, reduce headend power consumption and significantly improve network quality and performance. Adding Harmonic’s cOS Central service gives us an insight into potential capacity issues and network anomalies before they happen, to ensure the best possible service for our customers.”

Greg Sunderwood
Senior Vice President of Technology, at Ritter Communications

Frequently asked questions

How do cOS Central ensure my network security?

You can ensure the highest level of security for total compliance and resilience to any potential threats to you network or consumer privacy. A robust and advanced set of security features makes your access network more reliable, all the time:
  • SSO: Single-sign-on with a leading provider and end-user password control.
  • R&D: Restricted back-office to a dedicated research and development group.
  • Privacy: No storage of private consumer data with complete compliance.

What is the cOS Central support offering?

You can login to the cOS Portal to get technical support and take your access network to the next level.

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