Versatile broadband solutions for FTTx

Harmonic fiber-to-the-x (FTTx) solutions power the ability to deliver broadband service excellence and win the race for more subscribers. Integrating our Emmy Award-winning cOS (formerly CableOS®) virtualized core software and a comprehensive portfolio of network edge devices, the solutions provide high-speed connectivity, accelerated deployment timelines, superior network performance and unparalleled service reliability. 

The cOS platform is the smart choice for operators who are either looking to upgrade their existing DOCSIS network to 10G, or for those with existing fiber networks that want to add new capabilities, extend service reach and enhance subscriber quality of experience. High-speed broadband services can be delivered over both fiber and HFC DOCSIS infrastructure using a variety of deployment technologies, including passive optical network (PON) and optical line termination (OLT) devices.


One platform for Fiber & DOCSIS

The cOS platform supports multiple broadband access technologies, including XGS-PON, EPON and COMBO-PON, as well as DOCSIS 3.1 and 4.0. By converging fiber and DOCSIS capabilities on a single platform, operators can simultaneously support both OLT and Remote PHY devices (RPDs), enabling the launch of 10G fiber services over existing coax networks.


Standards-based interoperability

The cloud-native cOS core software controls connected devices to consolidate management of network assets, including third-party optical network terminals (ONTs) and optical network units (ONUs). This interoperability eases the ability to align equipment purchases with business and network requirements, whether related to pricing, technical considerations or subscriber experience.


Designed to generate savings

The cOS software eliminates hardware from headend and hub sites to significantly reduce space, power and cooling costs while increasing network capacity. Additional savings are realized by serving customers from high-density hardened shelves in outdoor cabinets and high-density hardened nodes, both of which require minimal construction and maintenance.


Your path to 10G starts
with the market-leading cOS platform

Power high-bandwidth, reliable broadband services to win customers and reduce churn.

Multi-tenancy & feature velocity

The cOS software platform hosts multiple virtualized applications — including vCMTS, vBNG and vOLT — and enables hitless software upgrades for more frequent and seamless system updates to provide an always-on service experience for subscribers.

Flexible compute & cloud edge

Our software-based approach provides a flexible compute architecture to better manage changing bandwidth and capacity demands. By unlocking the power of the cloud, you can also move network functions closer to the edge.

Simplified network evolution

The cloud-native cOS broadband platform provides unparalleled scalability and upgradeability. Legacy third-party nodes can even be upgraded in the field to ease network evolution to distributed access architecture (DAA) and PON technologies.

Extended service reach

The cOS FTTx solution’s use of long-range coherent optics enables the delivery of multi-gigabit, enterprise-class connectivity across thousands of kilometers of middle-mile network, making it much easier to reach subscribers in underserved and rural areas.

Always-on service availability

Harmonic's cOS Central solution continuously monitors and reports on network performance. Integrated AI utilizes this data to provide insight into system-wide activity, helping to achieve 99.999% service availability of cOS fiber solutions.

cOS FTTx portfolio

Whether over fiber or coax, power the services your customers demand with the comprehensive cOS family of products.
cOS Core Software Platform
Runs on high-performance COTS servers or as a cloud-native application in your data center.
Pier OLT Shelf
Enables delivery of high-speed broadband services over greater distances.
Wharf Hardened Switch
A versatile, high-performance router providing enhanced connectivity from outdoor cabinetry.
Pearl R-OLT
High-density, flexible remote OLT in a single device for fiber service delivery.
Fin 10G SFP+ OLT
A compact OLT module that plugs into cOS remote devices for FTTx applications.
Jetty 60G-Capable Remote Switch
For Ethernet networks to deliver FTTx and PON services using DAA.
Pebble Remote DAA Device
Integrates into your DAA node or R-PHY shelf to support variants of PON and DOCSIS.
Ripple Modular DAA Node
Houses multiple power supplies and remote devices to easily converge fiber and DOCSIS.
Oyster DAA Node
Oyster DAA Node
The smallest, lowest power DAA node for both fiber and DOCSIS.
cOS Central
A powerful family of applications for ensuring optimal network performance and always-on service.


Adams Cable Service extends 10G fiber to the edge of its rural network

"Many times farms can be overlooked... they are hard to built to. We're utilizing Harmonic's Jetty to get multi-gig bandwidth to those edges that don't have fiber or are fiber-limited."

Joe Ross
Adams Cable Service

“Harmonic’s virtual converged multi-access edge solution is a game changer, allowing us to deliver faster, more reliable internet services for a flawless connection to high-bandwidth applications."
Jason Rang
CTO at CTV Beam
"Harmonic’s unique multi-access, virtualized edge cloud approach to PON gives us the confidence to deliver ultra-fast, reliable internet services to our subscribers and support high-bandwidth applications such as VR and low-latency gaming."
Jørgen Steen Jensen
CEO at SAFnet

Frequently asked questions

What are the services Harmonic offers for PON?

Harmonic has a team of network experts to work alongside your operators, technicians and engineers. We can support your network planning, deployment, installation, configuration, troubleshooting and maintenance 24/7 and 365 days per year.

How can I get assistance with Harmonic's PON solution?

Harmonic offers a state-of-the-art engagement platform designed exclusively for Harmonic's cOS customers. You'll get access to a 24/7, non-stop NOC to NOC coordination through a dedicated chat service or through a support line.

Where can I learn more about the Harmonic FTTx solution?

You can download our informative solution brief or contact a specialist to speak with one of our experts.
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