Scale & centralize your video management system

Operate all of your services from one unique management system. You can access distributed environments and remotely control centralized environments with NMX™ in just a few clicks.

Save time on service creation

Gain efficiency using the template and wizard-based system setup directly within NMX to configure each product and interface. You can also easily modify and deploy new channel lineups on the fly using the input-to-output service-oriented user interface. Save time creating your services thanks to a three-panel layout with a simple service overview.

Grow & scale your system

You can grow and scale your system in tandem with the environment it supports. As the managed environment grows in scope and scale, you can distribute the NMX processing across multiple network groups or multiple servers, as necessary.

Improve system resiliency

The fail-safe NMX allows for flexible device and source redundancy management and fully secured administration. You can analyze your detailed audit logs, alarm and event reports to identify system-wide trends and improve overall network stability.

Interoperability with external systems

It's easy to interact with external systems and devices thanks to standard interfaces supported by NMX. Interconnect external devices and third-party system for automation, CAS, and umbrella management.

Service management with NMX

NMX is designed for 24x7 management of Harmonic Electra® encoders, ProStream® stream processors, the new generation of XOS appliances including packager for OTT applications and other components in the workflow. Use a single computer or be distributed across multiple servers for maximum availability.

Service and configuration data are stored in a reliable, industrial-strength database. NMX provides multi-level security, ensuring full control of operational privileges.

Robust GUI & maps

Highly configurable GUI layout with a service-oriented input to output workflow

Wizard-based templates

Create your network topology and setup your service plan with wizards and templates

Input service discovery

Discover your incoming transports, and import the ones you need in your service plan

PSI/SI edition & generation

Generate DVB and ATSC tables and descriptors. NMX accepts PSI/SI from external sources

Conditional access support

Configure all the CAS related features supported by Harmonic products

Batch scheduling engine

Define a batch of service plan or service routing changes, and schedule in a graphical timeline view

NMX technical specifications



Centralized or distributed cable

Virtualized video infrastructure





Network distribution


Network PVR

Service management

Simple template-based service setup

Extraction of service information

Service level or PID level manipulation

Service tracking across topology

Dynamic PSI/SI table generation

Completely flexible private descriptor generation

Virtual service and stream management

Service-oriented alarms and analysis

Program suspend/resume

Topology management

Graphical view of network and devices

Geographical background maps

Multi-level maps

Component backplane views

Cut, copy and paste replication

Template-based topologies

Online and offline operation

Fault management

Manual or automatic redundancy switching

Router-based, path-based or IP-based redundancy mechanisms

GPI (contact closure) device monitoring tool

SNMP-based monitoring of third-party hardware

Alarm configuration

Monitoring and alarm logging, highlights affected services and hardware

Standard PERL scripting tool for automatic emails, pages or SMS messaging on fault conditions

SNMP-based alarm forwarding agent with alarm filtering

Security management

Full user administration tools for multi-user environments

LDAP user authentication support

Multi-level access privilege

Access can be geographically limited

Lockouts to manage secure modifications in multi-user operations

Comprehensive audit trail

Traffic/Automation/EIS interfaces

Advanced scheduler with timeline user interface

Easy external triggering of user-defined service/configuration states

DVB EIS-Muxconfig support


Internal EIS

Extensive coverage and easy to integrate RESTful API

Internal DPI server supports SCTE standard DPI cue message injection


NMX is ideal for all your system management needs

Provision & monitor your system

Stay up to date with your system at all times. NMX gives you the possibility to provision and monitor all of your systems in one place.

Schedule your service changes

Schedule and automate your services. You can control workflows, updates and configurations through one easy-to-use interface.

Backup, restore & report

You have access to powerful tools to backup/-and restore your complete system configuration and service plans.

Frequently asked questions

How can I get assistance for my NMX?

You can get assistance from the Harmonic Technical Assistance Center for all your support questions and issues. The fastest and most efficient way is through our OneCare Portal.
Otherwise, you can reach the team by phone, through chat, or by reporting your issue

What kind of services are available for NMX?

At Harmonic, we offer multiple services for all our products. You can count on our team to create a package that works for your business including, professional services, service level agreements, technical support and training

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