Control your playout
in one place

Take your playout system control to the next level with Spectrum™ Media Studio. Increase your workflow efficiency with all of your graphics, audio and master control in one easy-to-use interface.

You can quickly define new workspaces, desktops, add features and functions with your entire team working effectively on the same application. The platform was designed for Spectrum systems to give you a fully integrated and enhanced workflow.

Customize your studio production

Features a panel-based design to easily customize and support your studio production needs. Create unique workspaces and snapshots for different workflows.

Manage live & file subtitle workflows

You can preview incoming live subtitle streams and attach or detach them to live feeds with the Media Studio application. Manage files and live subtitles with ease when using the intuitive features of Spectrum Media Studio.

Versatile & mobile application

The application combines play and record functionality that enables simple ingest and playout, and playlist control. Increase operational efficiency thanks to the combined player and recorder functions, as well as full CiaB control, and router control.

The easy-to-use, touchscreen interface allows for access anywhere.

Playout with Spectrum Media Studio

Spectrum Media Studio provides an advanced set of features to extend the channel-in-a-box capabilities of your Spectrum video server, and gives you command of graphics, audio mixing, and onboard switching. You have intuitive control over the entire application with its attractive touch-screen compatible interface.

Simple operations

Single player for QC, sub clipping and media management

Flexible playlists

Multiplayer operation, configurable single playlist and shot box control

Record control

Crash and simple schedule record control VTR ingest

CiaB operations

Graphics, audio and MCS control

Manage subtitles

Live subtitle operations, preview and edit subtitle files

Configure macros

Define macros for more complex operations

Spectrum Media Studio technical specifications


Runs on your own Windows 10 PC

Option of using one player license for playback or recording

Supports 64-bit Spectrum APIs

Enhanced workflows such as Play-from-MediaGrid or multichannel playlists

Easy-to-use interface

Touch-screen compatible

Ability to switch between configurations for the same system or multiple systems using Snapshot feature

User-defined desktops and operational panels

Create up to four desktops per snapshot

Supports import of Polaris™ Play Ingest playlist

Function integration


Recorders (including crash record and scheduled record)

Confidence Monitoring*

Macro creation

Multi-player windows

Subtitles (live and file)*

Single player playlist module

Single sub-clip creation

Audio profile controls

Keyer controls

Master Control Switcher controls

Router Control*

* Contact Harmonic for details



Spectrum Media Studio is ideal for your playout system

Multiple workflow support

Customizable application supporting multiple workflows from a single application and switch between them to adjust to facility requirements.

Studio production

Spectrum Media Studio can be customized to fit workflows from simple, single channel to multiplayer studio playout and ingest in a single application.

Master control room

Combine playlists with full control of Spectrum MCS switcher, audio and graphics, to have manual control of channel output.

Frequently asked questions

How can I get assistance for my Spectrum Media Studio?

You can get assistance from the Harmonic Technical Assistance Center for all your support questions and issues. The fastest and most efficient way is through our OneCare Portal.
Otherwise, you can reach the team by phone, through chat, or by reporting your issue

What kind of services are available for Spectrum Media Studio?

At Harmonic, we offer multiple services for all our products. Our experts can guide you to a package that works for your business including, professional services, service level agreements, technical support and training for your team. 

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