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10G broadband over any wire

Versatile cOS broadband solutions make it easy to deliver high-value internet and video services to hotels, multi-dwelling units (MDUs), hospitals, universities, senior citizen communities and other high-density sites. By leveraging existing on-premise wiring with centralized management of distributed devices deployed on telephone phones, strands or walls, or in underground vaults or outdoor cabinetry, you can roll out video, data and phone services across multiple locations in mere weeks rather than months. Our solution can also be used as the uplink for a Harmonic Remote PHY Device (RPD) to regenerate DOCSIS or QAM video signals within a customer premise.

Power up your high-speed broadband network

Discover the Harmonic products that accelerate the deployment of multi-gig services over any wire.

Learn more about cOS fiber deployment strategies

Find out how Harmonic can enhance your DOCSIS network and accelerate your move to 10G fiber.


cOS Broadband Platform


Oyster Low-Power DAA Node


Pebble Remote DAA Device


Fin 10G SFP+ Based OLT

cOS Broadband Platform
Runs on high-performance COTS servers or as a cloud-native application in your data center.
Oyster DAA Node
Oyster DAA Node
The smallest, lowest power DAA node for both fiber and DOCSIS.
Pebble Remote DAA Device
A versatile Remote PHY device to support both 10G fiber and DOCSIS.
Fin 10G SFP+ Based OLT
A versatile and compact OLT module for fiber-to-the-anything (FTTx) applications.
Jetty 60G-Capable Remote Switch
For Ethernet networks to deliver FTTx and PON services using DAA.

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