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We Value CREATIVITY, Innovation & Respect

At Harmonic, our values shine through our products, employees
and our customers.

Programs & Initiatives

Our diversity, equity and inclusion regional ambassadors are instrumental in driving our global community initiatives and awareness programs, including soliciting employee volunteers and mentors.


Women in Tech at Harmonic

Harmonic collaborates with community groups in major R&D locations to support the introduction of engineering and technology to young girls. We are focused on hiring of female representation in our global R&D population.

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We support students through mentorships and internships all year.

Harmonic offers internships and mentorships all year-round to students from a diverse spectrum, across various sites globally. We also aim to offer placements for students from disadvantaged communities. We believe that the skills gained from practical experience, in an environment fostering diversity, collaboration and teamwork, will make you more valuable as an employee. 
community-testHarmonic is supportive of and involved in various community initiatives. HarmonicYouth is such a program offered to young girls at our R&D facility in Israel focused on entrepreneurship, empowerment and building skills for the future for working in technology. 

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