Harmonic’s commitment to workplace

We foster a culture of teamwork and collaboration where every employee is valued and respected for their experiences and diverse perspectives. We are committed to create and sustain an inclusive work environment that will drive higher performance, greater creativity, and innovative outcomes for our business partners, employees, and shareholders.

Reeta Bhukar

"I enjoy working at Harmonic because the management team provides support and guidance about our project plan. As a working mom, such visibility enables me to plan things ahead of time based on business and personal needs. In addition, it helps create work life balance for me and an opportunity to enjoy more quality time with my family."

Guy de La Villesbrunner

"Harmonic is a leading tech company with a great humane focus. Harmonic is a well-balanced organization evenly spread across continents and cultures in which diversity and richness are key contributors to its success."

Gurpal Kaher

"My 12-year journey with Harmonic, where innovation is core, has been a breeze. We are engaged in multiple creative projects within a cooperative and collaborative work environment. Everyone’s opinion is valued. Working in Harmonic’s diverse team has helped me understand, respect, and value other cultures."

Paula Moreno

"Every day at Harmonic is different from the last. Customers are located all over Latin America in my case; it gives the possibility to get to know other cultures. Even my co-workers are located in France, UK, Israel, India. We have access to a cultural diversity that you can't imagine and why not practice different languages?!"

Ruchi Binjola

"During my career at Harmonic, I have had the opportunity to move into different roles and work with amazing and genuine people who have helped me grow professionally and personally."

Where we stand today

Diversity is one of our core values. We aim to enhance diversity within our company, improve the sense of belonging and inclusion for our global workforce and launching and supporting community initiatives in countries and communities across our global footprint.
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Welcoming and inclusive
work environment

We focus on attracting and retaining top talent and creating a safe, welcoming and inclusive work environment where employees can grow and thrive. We value our passionate, innovative and diverse employees and understand the important role we play in our communities.