The versatile cOS broadband platform offers several ways to deliver both 10G fiber and multi-gig DOCSIS services over the same network. Our BoostD 3.1 capability even lets you achieve speeds greater than 8G downstream and 1G upstream over existing DOCSIS 3.1 infrastructure. 

Watch this short video with Harmonic SVP Asaf Matatyaou to learn more about the innovative cOS broadband platform, including BoostD 3.1.

The latest DOCSIS and fiber options for the
cOS broadband platform


Using BoostD 3.1 to achieve multi-gig speeds over DOCSIS

We're going to start with 3.1, which of course has been around for quite some time. With BoostD 3.1 we're introducing the ability to combine the new DOCSIS 3.1 modems with four OFDMs to get to speeds of 8G down by 1.5G up, enabling you to service your customers with speed tiers of 5G x 1.


Employing DOCSIS 4.0 modems on a 3.1 infrastructure

With 4.0 modems, we're able to provide different options around different speeds combined on a 3.1 infrastructure. With five OFDMs or with an ultra-high split, you're able to reach really high speeds by leveraging your infrastructure that already exists with 3.1.


DOCSIS 4.0 deployment options with cOS

With the cOS broadband platform, we give you the most flexibility for a unified DOCSIS 4.0 opportunity with ESD (extended spectrum) or with full duplex (FDX). We give you all the options in your footprint that you would like, whether you're starting with 3.1, going to 4.0 with those modems, or going with 4.0 with your RPDs.


Unifying DOCSIS and fiber with cOS

Everything we're showing here is combined with fiber. Our fiber options are multiple, and all work with the different varieties of enclosures and modules that we have here. Together with our Fin (a remote OLT pluggable), it could be with a remote switch or with our Pebble (nodes), providing XGS-PON, 10G EPON or GPON. Everything is powered by the cOS broadband platform, so whether you're starting with 3.1 today, or having fiber to the home tomorrow, or have 4.0 in your future, with cOS you know you're headed in the right direction.

Learn more about delivering multi-gig broadband

Find out how Harmonic can enhance your DOCSIS network and accelerate your move to 10G fiber.

BoostD 3.1 Fiber Speeds


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