Harmonic's commitment to
business continuity during COVID-19

In light of the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Harmonic wants to communicate its strong commitment to the health of our employees, customers and business partners, and to the continuity of our customers’ mission-critical services.

We are closely monitoring recommendations issued by government and health organizations and have implemented work, safety and travel policies in accordance with those guidelines. While we have no confirmed cases of infection at this time, we have already implemented precautionary measures across our offices worldwide to ensure continuity of our core business operations and our ability to support our global customer base.

Specifically, our employees are equipped with the tools and resources to work remotely and without interruption. Where travel isn’t essential or possible, we are leveraging impactful virtual communications and system connectivity to ensure business continuity. Regarding new projects, we are engaging with our customers and partners through digital events worldwide.

As a global technology leader that has pioneered connected and cloud-based broadband and streaming video solutions, and deployed associated 24x7 DevOps capabilities around the globe, Harmonic is uniquely positioned to serve our customers and partners during this challenging time. Our global cloud and IT infrastructures are redundant and resilient, assuring the highest level of availability and reliability for your media services.

We are also continuing to look forward and work tirelessly to bring cutting-edge cloud-based and virtualized solutions to the media and broadcast community to enable smarter, faster and simpler next-gen broadband, video streaming and broadcast services.

Harmonic is there for you, anywhere, anytime, no matter what.

How is Harmonic ensuring business continuity?
Harmonic is proactively managing and adapting its business to ensure continuity of the delivery of our products and services, and all supporting global activities. A steering committee comprised of executive staff was formed in February to focus on overcoming COVID-19 related issues. Leveraging our global organization and resources, the committee has defined and is overseeing execution of an end-to-end business continuity plan that encompasses delivery of our products and services, appropriate health and safety measures, internal and external communications, and contingency planning and procedures. We will continue to work to flexibly address the needs of our people, customers, and business partners until this crisis is resolved.

Do you anticipate any disruption to Harmonic’s supply chain due to COVID-19?
As of March 18, we are not facing any critical supply chain shortages. Our world-class supply chain team is in constant contact with our partners in our global supply chain in order to anticipate, manage, and secure the capability to deliver business-critical products to our customers and maintain seamless-as-possible business operations throughout this evolving crisis.

Harmonic has taken the following actions to secure deliveries and product availability:

  • Travel restrictions, work guidelines and collective and individual health and safety measures are in place to ensure the protection of our workforce and partners
  • Sufficient inventory on hand and in the pipeline
  • Placed large orders with our suppliers to cover forecasted demand and secure a strong supply
  • Proactively working with contract manufacturers
  • Dynamically managing our logistics partners to anticipate and be responsive to evolving requirements
  • Identified alternative sources of supply, providing additional flexibility to serve our customers during this period

How does the COVID-19 situation affect Harmonic’s customer support capabilities?
Harmonic’s Technical Assistance Center (TAC) is a geographically dispersed 24/7/365 operation, with major support centers in Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America. Leveraging virtually co-located teams, the advanced software foundation and telemetry capabilities of our solutions, a robust global communication network and advanced remote monitoring and management tools, our global TAC team remains fully engaged and active. More generally, Harmonic global Account Management, Customer Success, DevOps and R&D teams are continuing to work through the crisis and are available to support our customers’ operations as needed.

How is Harmonic keeping customers and partners up to date on its latest solution developments and updates?
Harmonic is leveraging virtual communications, remote system connectivity and our website to communicate with our customers and partners, and to demonstrate, launch and scale our virtualized cable access and video streaming platforms. We are also initiating a series of new digital events worldwide.

How are you safeguarding the well-being of Harmonic employees?
We are closely monitoring recommendations issued by government and health organizations in each country and have implemented work, safety and travel policies in accordance with those guidelines. Our initiatives focus on enhancing employee safety and helping to reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19 in the community while ensuring the continuity of our core business operations and our ability to support our global customer base.

What is the best way for customers to contact Harmonic?
Please contact your Harmonic Account Manager or click here.

Have any questions or concerns?

You can continue to count on the Harmonic team to quickly respond and serve your business. We are here to support you, and available 24/7/365 to address any questions.

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