Our innovative solutions power everything from HEVC compression of Ultra HD video, to cloud media processing for OTT video delivery, to simplified video, voice and data delivery via CCAP systems.

PURE Compression Engine

Representing the latest advances in video encoding and transcoding, the PURE Compression Engine™ provides exceptional video quality, industry-leading bandwidth efficiency, and diverse format and codec support for all broadcast and multiscreen services. These capabilities are delivered from a software-based foundation that is not limited by the constraints of custom hardware. The PURE Compression Engine paves the way to the delivery of next-generation services such as UHD and 360° Virtual Reality video while reducing your organization’s CAPEX and OPEX. It also helps manage the transition from SDI to all-IP and cloud infrastructure, allowing your company to step from the headend into the data center whenever it’s ready.

The Harmonic PURE Compression Engine utilizes Harmonic’s market-leading experience in video compression algorithms and multi-pass encoding technologies to provide groundbreaking video quality at the lowest possible bitrates. In addition to delivering significantly improved efficiency and simplified upgradeability over competing encoder technologies, PURE Compression enables true codec independence. MPEG-2, AVC and HEVC streams are supported, as are the most common SD, HD and UHD content formats, as well as constant, variable and adaptive bitrate streaming.

Many of the algorithm and processing techniques developed by Harmonic over the past two decades are incorporated into the PURE Compression Engine. The software-based PURE Compression environment removes many of the restrictions and limitations previously inherent in ASICs, enabling more performance to be squeezed from existing, well-proven techniques. This added flexibility extends to deeper, more content-focused video analysis. For example, we now have the ability to support an arsenal of different motion-estimation algorithms and to apply them adaptively, depending on the content type.


  • Faster rate of video quality innovation
  • Ability to dynamically balance efficiency and resource utilization
  • Codec investment that outlives the underlying infrastructure


Harmonic Pure Compression Engine™

Providing exceptional video quality, industry-leading bandwidth efficiency, and diverse format and codec support for all broadcast and multiscreen services.

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The Harmonic EyeQ™ content-aware encoding solution leverages the function of the human visual system to provide a superior viewing experience while reducing bandwidth consumption by up to 50%. With EyeQ, video quality is optimized across all delivery networks, buffering is reduced, and your customer’s quality of experience is improved.

An optional enhancement for the software-based Harmonic PURE Compression Engine, EyeQ delivers its bandwidth savings using a standard AVC codec and with no requirement to upgrade client devices. As such, the solution allows your viewers to watch pristine video on their device of choice, even over constrained OTT/ABR networks. That capability leads to happier subscribers who want to spend even more time watching, and those additional eyeball minutes improve your content monetization opportunities.

Achieving Constant Video Quality with EyeQ

EyeQ compression is unique in its ability to assess and adjust encoding parameters to leverage the mechanics of the human eye without adding latency to the encoding process. We humans have the unique ability to identify individual shapes in a video image, and we’re more sensitive to changes in contrast than to differences in luminance. We’re also more receptive to motion than to texture, and have a specific ability to recognize faces.

By weighing the importance of these sensitivities against less relevant elements in a video frame, EyeQ is better able to optimize the balance between video and bandwidth than competing techniques, such as constant bitrate or capped variable bitrate encoding.

An additional benefit of EyeQ is that the encoder can be set to a higher peak rate to maintain quality in complex video segments. This capability enables some infrequent but difficult sequences to use more bits, while overall bandwidth usage is still much reduced versus CBR encoding.

EyeQ delivers these advantages while remaining 100% standards compliant and interoperable with existing decoders.

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  • Deliver a consistent, superior viewing experience on all devices
  • Reduce bandwidth consumption by up to 50%
  • Lower CDN and storage costs


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