Harmonic’s Cable Access Services team is dedicated to helping you deploy video, voice and data solutions quickly and cost-effectively. Whether providing operational leadership, supplemental manpower or field support, our goal is to make it easy for you to manage your cable delivery network so that you can focus on growing your business.

Configuration - Installation

CableOS deployment begins with validation of customer requirements and auditing existing networks. Harmonic provides core equipment and assures all installation, wiring, configuration, cutover, field testing and training - whether for centralised or distributed deployments.

Testing - Monitoring

Harmonic performs a full range of tests for each service group, including service accessibility, packet loss verification and DOCSIS speeds. The system is continually monitored and updated in real time. An easy to navigate UI gives operators constant access to monitoring information.

Technical - Operational

CableOS raises the bar of performance and density for delivery of competitive gigabit services. Harmonic participates in conference calls and meetings, tracks service schedules and budgets, delivers status reports and assists with the creation of MOPS and submission of maintenance tickets.


CableOS Central Advanced Analytics Service for Cable Network Diagnostics and Capacity Planning

CableOS Central provides operators with an intelligent, customizable and proactive way to identify and address technical issues and network capacity opportunities.
CableOS Central allows cable operators to predict and address issues before they become service-affecting. As operators roll out scalable gigabit broadband services and provide advanced entertainment, business and home-security service offerings, CableOS Central assures exceptional quality of service.

CableOS Central Key Features

Data Analytics

The service continuously collects, synthesizes and presents network data through a modern set of real-time dashboards, smart alerts and notifications, enabling unprecedented service visibility. Unlike legacy cable data monitoring systems that periodically report health of only a few network elements, the CableOS platform provides rich real-time data spanning the network physical layer, from data-center servers to remote devices, access network performance parameters and application traffic patterns.

Professional Services

You can benefit from a 24/7 team of cable access and networking experts, augmented by an innovative AI toolset. This team complements operators’ existing network operations centers by continuously analyzing data from CableOS Central Data Analytics, detecting and diagnosing issues, predicting future problems, and assisting with configurations and upgrades.

Engagement Portal

CableOS Central Portal enables operators worldwide to quickly and efficiently engage directly with Harmonic. It is a state-of-the-art connected platform that provides operators with powerful tools for case planning, calendars, software downloads, product and deployment documentation, and event management.

Request assistance

If you are an existing Harmonic customer in need of assistance, please select your preferred method of communication below to get in touch with the TAC team.


Organize remote assistance

The TAC utilizes remote assistance software to aid in the diagnosis of all product lines. To start a remote, real-time assistance session, please follow these steps:

  • Contact support to plan a remote assistance session
  • Download the Teamviewer software
  • Open the executable file on the PC/Mac you wish us to access
  • Click ”OK” to run. This will start the TeamViewer client
  • Provide the ID and password to our support team, enabling the engineer to connect remotely