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ProMedia Carbon MP

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Harmonic is excited to announce the launch of ProMedia Carbon MP, a new SaaS offering for transcoding media on the Amazon cloud. Available through the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, the application is a customized version of ProMedia Carbon (previously known as the Rhozet Carbon Coder) that lets users easily and cost-effectively transcode file-based video content without having to purchase a site license for Carbon. Transcoding is performed through the cloud, on demand, and is purchased on an hourly basis, with Amazon being the “reseller” or commerce platform.

The application is targeted at:

  • Media professionals who need on demand capacity to convert video assets from one media format to another for editing, playout or delivery.
  • Content owners and service providers that need ad-hoc assistance managing spikes in transcoding volume. In such cases they may use ProMedia Carbon MP to handle “overflow.”
  • Service providers and online video platforms (OVPs) that offer cloud-based, media-related workflow solutions and need transcoding capabilities on a flexible basis. In these cases they would use ProMedia Carbon MP as a “transcoding engine” through its API.
  • Harmonic customers or prospects who wish to evaluate Promedia Carbon before purchasing a permanent license.

Following are the two typical ways to use ProMedia Carbon MP:

  • As a desktop application: In this case a Windows instance is launched via the AWS marketplace, which as Carbon is pre-installed, allows remote desktop (RDP) access to start transcoding immediately using the intuitive Carbon GUI.
  • As a transcoding engine: Instances may be launched in a similar way—using the AWS management console or via the AWS API. Once the instances are running, the Carbon MP API server is available to service transcoding requests, and the instance(s) may be used as a cloud transcoding farm for any online video application.

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– Yoav Derazon, Director, Product Management, Cloud Services & Transcoding, Harmonic