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FEC Optimization in IP Video Networks

Video Appliances


The rise of premium services such as HDTV has made IP video transmission a crucial instrument for service providers.

Implementing this new technology; however, has produced a unique set of challenges, such as how to maintain signal integrity throughout the video encoding and IP distribution workflows. Forward Error Correction (FEC) is one method for achieving this goal.

In a new white paper, “FEC Optimization in IP Video Networks,” Harmonic hardware development engineer Ran Manor presents a series of analytical algorithms for optimizing the “recipes” used for different FEC configurations.

By answering a set of predetermined questions, Ran shows operators how they can determine the most appropriate FEC configurations for their IP link, maximize the recovery of lost data packets, and assure the highest possible video quality for their subscribers.

For more details, please click here to download our free white paper.

– Keith Lissak, Sr. Manager, Product Marketing, Harmonic