Channel Origination in the Cloud

Channel Origination in the Cloud: A Key Trend for 2020

Andy Warman
One key trend to look for in 2020 is channel origination in the cloud. Find out what makes it a ....

Channel Origination and Playout: Understanding the Features

Andy Warman
Channel origination in the cloud provides a wide range of capabilities. Consumer-ready content can be delivered for live linear broadcast ....

Function Integration – The Key to Channel Origination

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Channel origination is a hot topic nowadays. This blog will look at the facets of function integration and how they ....
Channel origination SaaS

Channel Origination Is The Next Leap Forward in Playout Innovation

Andy Warman
The next leap forward in functionality is called channel origination.  It is not just a simple update or improvement, it ....

Media Empire: Branding Our Channel

On this week’s edition of Media Empire, the channel is now up and running internally at Harmonic HQ but the next ....