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Media Processing Services

Media Processing Services: The Live Streaming Starting Lineup

Andy Warman
The video streaming industry has grown dramatically and is expected to keep growing for years to come. New opportunities are ....
2020 Innovation Trends

Top 5 Video Delivery Innovations to Watch in 2020

Patrick Gendron
2020 is expected to be an exciting year in the live video streaming space. Check out the five technology evolutions ....
Watching OTT for live streaming sports

6 Reasons to Shift to OTT for Live Streaming Sports

Andy Warman
OTT revenues will more than double in 2024, making today a great time to shift to OTT for live streaming ....

Personalized Live Sports Experiences: The Shift for Pay-TV Operators

Thierry Fautier
Watching live sports experiences on a pay-TV STB is a drastically different experience than live sports OTT. Let's explore why ....

How to Improve QoE for Broadcast Quality Live OTT Streaming – Part 1

Thierry Fautier
Last year’s World Cup was a great example of the limitations of live OTT experiences. Viewers observed low quality on ....

Top 3 Predictions for Innovative Video Distribution Technology to Watch in 2019

Patrick Gendron
Video distribution is constantly evolving. It’s crazy to think that only 12 years ago Netflix streaming was born. Since then ....

Is CMAF the Saving Grace for Live Sports Streaming?

Thierry Fautier
At the recent SportsPro OTT Summit in Madrid, a poll of the audience was conducted to determine the biggest challenge ....

5 Reasons Why SaaS Is Your Answer for Live Sports Streaming

Thierry Fautier
Delivering high-quality, low-latency live sports on every screen is the Holy Grail for today’s service providers, yet not without challenges. ....
Blackout screen during a match.

Cloud Is the Perfect Disaster Recovery Solution for Live Sports Events

Olivier Karra
Can you name a single live television show that has the same power of drawing people together like sports events? ....

Live UHD Streaming of Sports Is Gaining Momentum

Thierry Fautier
In 2015, the NFL streamed an entire football game over the internet. As the first live sports event to be ....

What Is VOS 360?

To learn more about the dedicated end-to-end video cloud service, visit ....